After triangle and square wheels, The Q replaces bicycle wheels with treads while keeping it slightly safer

We love our bikes; we keep them well-serviced and tires well-maintained so that they can roll smoothly. Yes, roll so that riding is effortless! But we have seen it enough times now that Sergii Gordieiev aka The Q on YouTube, doesn’t like the idea of smoothness. His recklessly creative engineering brain doesn’t like sitting on wheels as the world loves them – he prefers them oddly shaped or as treads so he could someday run over a tank with his bicycle.

Before I go crazy, and you think I’m making no sense, check out his bike with triangle-shaped wheels or this one with square wheels. This time the idea is not so much about wheel oddity, but he has replaced the concept of wheels for treads. They are laid straight on the ground, so safety is still a little at the back of Sergii’s mind this time.

Designer: Sergii Gordieiev

To create this ingenious contraption, of course, he had to work his way up from scratch. So, the handlebars, seat, and frame have all been assembled to fit in the other unusual elements of this custom bike. The body itself is a little away from the usual with a lower profile at the rear than the front fork.

This profile aligns the handlebar with the cushioned seat making the bike comfortable to ride, but with those treads to move, I’m still unsure how comfortable it would be. But Sergii can take it for a short spin around the city, so could you, if you could make it up from the video tutorial.

The most captivating aspect of the custom bike is the giant disc with paddles on either side. This is the heart of the bike that has the bicycle chain circulating around it and attached to the rear tread. Even though we can’t see the chain attached to the tread on the front, yet it rolls continuously in harmony for a stable ride.