This Super Sub engineered to cruise at 10 knots underwater has supercar-inspired interiors

Imagine gliding effortlessly behind a bale of graceful sea turtles or speeding alongside a shiver of sleek sharks, while not being an observer alone but essentially a part of their world, all the while cocooned in utmost comfort. This mesmerizing scenario could be a reality for a select few when the U-Boat Worx Super Sub rolls out next year.

Described as a ticket to an underwater theatre unlike any other, the Super Sub is a submersible designed with a long tail and a wing design to flatter. But the see-through acrylic pressure hull on the front of the sub provides an unobstructed 360-degree view of the outside marine world to the occupants in the forward-facing seats.

Designer: U-Boat Worx

The U-Boat Worx Super Sub is a redefining way to explore the enigmatic depths of the ocean, not only because of the uninterrupted views it offers but also because of the power and speed it generates. This is courtesy of the subs propulsion system comprising powerful four thrusters delivering a staggering 60 kW of thrust allowing for thrilling 30-degree climbs and dives that will leave your heart racing.

The propulsion system combined with precision-engineered rudders, ensures the smoothest and most exhilarating underwater experience, all while maintaining an unhindered 360-degree view. This is accompanied by Sub’s mind-blowing speeds of 10 knots underwater.

This underwater speedster with a luxurious supercar-inspired interior designed to elevate your aquatic journey, according to U-Boat Worx, can take up to three people – two passengers and a pilot – on a journey to depths of up to 1,000 meters. The 9,000 kg Super Sub is powered by a specially designed 62 kWh lithium-ion battery, which ensures performance without compromising the environment.

The first Super Sub model is already sold and is expected to be delivered to the client by the end of 2023. U-Boat Worx is poised to roll out bigger stock in the fall of 2024. If you have deep pockets and the willingness to dive into the future of underwater exploration, get ready to embrace the Super Sub soon!