Unique Reuleaux triangle-shaped wheels on this bike are far more comfortable than you’d imagine

If you thought the square-wheeled bicycle was a logically impossible build, a Reuleaux triangle cycle ride is even bonkers. Sergii Gordieiev, who’s an engineer by profession and inventive fabricator by nature, bamboozled us with his earlier creation and now, another fresh DIY has left us yearning for more.

Just like the square-wheeled bicycle that seemed logically impossible to move – but still, it did smoothly – this ingenious build too surprises with its nifty engineering. The ingenious bicycle riding on wheels with rollers move in a linear manner, forming adjacent lines between each one of the rollers and the flat surface it’s riding on. This enables the triangle wheels to overcome their limitation and roll more comfortably than presumed.

Designer: Sergii Gordieiev

Even more so, the bicycle can traverse and maneuver uneven terrain like dirt trails with equal dexterity. If we think based on the laws of physics, for the Reuleaux triangle-shaped wheels it is the “simplest and best-known curve of constant width other than the circle.”

The DIY bike is ridden like any other pedal-powered bicycle even though it looks highly improbable. Also, the rider doesn’t feel as much discomfort as one would assume. Articulated arms soak up most of the wheel’s movement and don’t transfer it to the rider. Truly a feat of engineering that’s a cakewalk for Sergii, given his previous builds.

Although it doesn’t ride as smoothly as the square-shaped version, still the dampening of all that lateral movement is an achievement. Just seeing those wheels and the noise coming from them will grab anyone’s attention.