This all roader DeLorean packs power with 4×4 drivetrain and kills with its sharp looks

DeLorean DMC 12 is a cult favorite even after so many iconic cars have made their presence felt and then faded away eventually. The rear-engine two-passenger sports car spiced up the early 80s with its futuristic appeal but couldn’t manage to survive in the closely contested power domination landscape owing to its underpowered engine.

The company revived this nostalgic ride after decades of anticipation as an electric avatar last year with production promised for 2024. That gives concept designers yet another chance to muster up their imagination of a DeLorean with a refreshing new perspective.

Designer: Jeremy Dodd

Look at this imaginative concept that pits the sports car against the rugged terrain with a makeover. Dubbed the DeLorean All Roader, this is also an electric version but with some modifications to the original’s blueprint to appeal to the adventurous kind. The 4×4 drivetrain makes it capable enough to venture on the dirt tracks, but the ride hide makes me believe otherwise.

Jeremy has reinterpreted the original to have roof rails for carrying your skis in winter or loading other adventure gear that fits. The engine sits on the rear and the front hood has ample space to stash luggage and trip essentials so that the interiors can be used just for relaxing when parked. That rear windshield flows down to make space for an extra wheel carrier, and to be frank, it adds character to this DeLorean’s rear profile.

The front grille section has been modernized with sharp LED headlights and the rear follows suit with peppy taillights. Overall aesthetics have the sharpness balanced down by the white paint job. The black rims add contrast to the look, but as I earlier, the ride height needs to be increased with dampers if you want to confidently take it on rough roads.

Compared to the upcoming Alpha 5 – that’s got a very boxy, contoured profile – this one retains the original’s DNA in a subtle way. I would any day choose this personality of a DeLorean over the inevitable Alpha 5 that’s going to look like any other sports car out there.