Starfield Constellation Edition boasts a smartwatch that doubles as a functional gaming memorabilia

Most of the gamers I know (and apparently, I realized I know a lot) are not always the ones that you will associate with other gadgets like smartwatches. Well, at least, they will be interested if it’s connected to the game that they’re playing now. One of them said that they don’t want to be conscious about time or anything else while they’re playing so they most likely will not wear a watch. So the fact that the newest collection edition from Bethesda games costs $300 and comes with a smartwatch has given pause to some gamers eager to get their hands on the latest game from the company.

Designer: Bethesda Games

The Starfield Constellation Edition is a special bundle available for those who have been waiting for the Starfield RPG for so long. It’s a mix of physical and digital items with some you can use in-game and some are just some game memorabilia. That includes the smartwatch with a pretty nifty-looking watch case made from aluminum and plastic and with a metal latch. It looks like something an astronaut would carry on board a ship in the game. The highlight of the special edition though is the Chronofield smartwatch, which may be the most expensive part of the package.

It is made from plastic, metal, and rubber, with an option for a NATO strap in case you don’t want the rubber strap. It’s not a touch screen device but it has a glass screen and four physical buttons. It seems to have all the usual features like Bluetooth connectivity, weather updates, music control, moon phase display, notification alerts, etc. You can connect it to your smartphone app as well for other controls. It doesn’t seem to be connected to the game itself for now but future updates may eventually do so.

Aside from the watch and the watch case, the Starfield Constellation Edition also includes a Steelbook Display Case, constellation patch, and of course the Starfield Base game itself. There are other things like skin packs, in-game bonus items, access to the digital artbook and original soundtrack, etc. This should appeal to fans of the game and those who enjoy Bethesda games but if it’s just the watch you’re after, there will probably be better alternatives out there.