Apple users! Extend your productivity with this extended keypad!

This sleek keyboard brings you the nostalgia of the OG keyboards with number pads and a taste of the future with macOS shortcut keys to your Apple set up. The Satechi Bluetooth Extended pad is the key to increasing the productivity of your tech set up and its lightweight build makes it a great traveling companion on work trips too.

With the extended set, the Satechi keyboard brings the functionality of a traditional, fully-functional desktop keyboard to your setup which allows you the flexibility to anchor your ship anywhere you want especially with its slim, compact aluminum build. Be it a MacBook, an iPad or even the iMac with its shortened keyboard, Satechi’s keypad is here to rescue you. Its wireless design makes it easier for it to be portable and is aligned with the Apple aesthetic – no cords, no mess just minimal design with maximum output.

The Satechi extended keyboard comes in silver and space grey so it will match any space. Its battery is charged with the USB-C port which is compatible with most other devices too and limits the accessories you need. Thanks to the in-built Bluetooth system, it does not require a receiver and remains a clean addition to your set up.

Designer: Satechi

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