Discover the Ford Mini Bronco: The Compact SUV You Never Knew You Needed

The two-door four-seater off-roader presents an exciting (yet spacious) format for the Bronco. Designed by Naoto Kobayashi, the Ford Mini Bronco also comes with a grid of square-shaped headlights on the front and taillights at the back that dynamically light up to create new patterns (sort of like the taillights on the Hyundai IONIQ 5). The Mini Bronco is perfect for a group of two (or maybe three) people looking to hit the dirt road and live off the grid for a while. It’s a compact EV that captures the thrill of an SUV without the fuel-guzzling large in-your-face persona of Ford’s other heavy-duty cars. The Ford Mini Bronco, unfortunately, doesn’t exist… but it absolutely needs to.

Designer: Naoto Kobayashi

Designed by Mexico-based Kobayashi, the Ford Mini Bronco offers a glimpse into the year 2030, a time period this car is envisioned for. Diverging from its larger counterpart, its design blends modern elements with a sense of purpose and seeks to redefine the compact off-road segment, offering a unique take on what’s possible. The Ford Mini Bronco’s charm lies in its compact, two-door configuration, rather reminiscent of the Suzuki Jimny. With a short wheelbase and minimal front and rear overhangs, it promises enhanced off-road capabilities for navigating various terrains. Kobayashi also imagined the Mini Bronco fitted with mud-terrain tires and retro-modern wheels, combining style with practicality.

The visual story continues with the front and rear facades. An illuminated Ford emblem and LED lights in place of traditional headlights offer a distinctive look. LED daytime running lights and a sturdy skid plate enhance its utilitarian appeal. The rear follows suit with LED lights and a functional skid plate.

Inside, the cabin reflects a forward-looking approach. A single display houses the digital instrument cluster and infotainment system. The steering wheel features a flat top and bottom, along with tactile buttons, switches, and dials, maintaining a balance between modernity and familiarity. Clearly made for excursions and outdoor trips, the seats also come wit the ability to recline 180° into beds, offering a place for all four passengers to comfortably sleep. The two front seats join together, with the intermediary compartment sliding away. Moreover, the roof of the Mini Bronco still possesses the ability to hold a camper, should you want to opt for a more traditional camping experience.

Although clearly conceptual, the Ford Mini Bronco really emphasizes the need for a compact version of a ‘big car’. Time will tell if this concept or even its format becomes a reality, potentially marking a new chapter in compact off-road exploration.