First Class Bus for All

Let me share with you a moment of personal experience. It’s about busses. All my life I’ve ridden busses, busses to school, busses to downtown, but never, until I visited England, did I realize the important role busses played (and play!) in the lives of EVERYONE in the world (except for those rare folks who live so far away from roads). The moment I realized the importance of public transport, the moment I sat on a bus and realized what was happening, a light turned on in my head. A light turned on in the head of designer Jonny Hassall, too, and this project is the result!

The aim of this bus project by Jonny Hassall is to create a first class experience for every single rider of every single bus. Not only for those that are turned off by today’s crammed atmosphere in the more populated areas of the world, but for those who MUST ride the bus to survive.

For this project a shell was needed as it is an interior design only – the bus used was a Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 (8.9M) which currently seats 29 people. Inside this NEW design a simple curved frame that can hold either 1 person in a relaxed/reclined position or 6 people sitting up. Using this curve, 21 adults can sit on this bus at once with an additional 12 being able to use the post seating and ANOTHER 12 children being able to share the main seats with their parents.

Seats are aimed outward, giving the riders a personal experience traveling. Near the back of the bus, there’s a 4 person section with seats pointing toward eachother for those who want to have a chat during the ride. The entire interior is designed with leather, polished wood flooring, plush carpeting, and glossy plastics. The entire interior has also been designed with cleanliness in mind, each item chosen for their ability to be quickly de-dirtied. Luggage areas include the doors and under seats. Steps and buggy platforms extend from the doors with strip lighting.

By making this entire bus a pleasurable experience, Hassall hopes to attract more people to public transport, thus saving the environment.

Designer: Jonny Hassall