This 3-in-1 exercise bench doubles up as a minimalistic furniture design!

Anybody subscribe to a pocket wrenching monthly gym subscription only to never really go, and surely not for a dedicated amount of time? Well, don’t worry, join the club! They’re about a couple of million of us. However, the Germany based wooden sports equipment brand NOHrD has come out with a quick fix for this; their TriaTrainer 3-in-1 exercise bench! No more dragging yourself or imagining that you will drag yourself to the gym. With the TriaTrainer you can have an endearing workout session in the comfort of your own home. At first glance the TriaTrainer looks like an inconsequential wooden seating stool, however, it’s jampacked with some multi-functionality! The long solid wood bench can be used for a variety of different exercises. It serves as an abdominal trainer, back extension bench and a weight bench.

Designer: NOHrD

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In it’s enclosed position, the bench looks like an odd little stool. However, in this folded state it serves as the perfect abs and core trainer! Get your core muscles ready for some intense exertion.

When you unfold one side of the bench, but leave the other side in it’s original folded position, the semi-bench can be utilized for working out your back muscles and glutes.

And finally, when you unfold it completely, the TriaTrainer sprawls spaciously, functioning as an extended bench perfect for any kind of bench workout, with or without weights.

The footrest can be adjusted into different positions depending upon the user’s preference and comfort. Whether you’re tall or short, the TriaTrainer works for everybody.

Crafted from premium quality wood with an option between cherry, ash, and walnut, the TriaTrainer doubles up as a piece of furniture as well. Minimalistic and aesthetic, topped off with impressive leather upholstery, the TriaTrainer complements any home space, merging in perfectly with the interiors and other furniture pieces, while functioning as a seating design itself. When not being used for workouts, the TriaTrainer can be used as a cute little stool.