UGREEN Debuts 2400W Power Station with a Unique Trolley Design for On-the-Go Convenience

It might look like a travel case, but it’s more valuable than one. With an output of 2400W, a battery capacity of 2048Wh, and as many as 16 different ports, the UGREEN PowerRoam 2200 lets you carry your own energy grid with you. Thanks to its trolley-style design that features caster wheels and a telescopic handle, the PowerRoam 2200 is perfect for your home as well as the outdoors, letting you be energy-independent literally anywhere.

Designer: ZhongJun Zou

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,599 $1,999 ($400 off with clip-on coupon). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

At the turn of the decade, we began our gradual yet unshakeable obsession with power stations. The climate is changing, cities are growing, the environment is destabilizing, geopolitics are worsening, and the one thing we truly need to survive and stay connected (electricity) can sometimes be the one thing we don’t have access to. Power stations help us do just that by weaning us off the electricity grid. Connect them to your house and they supply you with energy when there’s a blackout, or hook them to solar panels and you can live off the grid, either in your current home or anywhere on the planet. Power stations are awesome, but we always look out for three core features to set the good from the bad – power, portability, and ports. These three Ps are what make or break power stations, and with UGREEN’s latest PowerRoam 2200, they score rather well.

Professional Power

Power for Outdoors

Power for RVs

Home Backup Power

The PowerRoam 2200 is a nifty, compact power station capable of outputting 2400W of electrical power, with a 2048Wh battery that can be expanded to 12kWh if you connect battery modules to the power station. Those numbers can sound daunting, so let’s just break them down. 2400 watts of electrical output allows the PowerRoam 2200 to operate all sorts of devices, from charging your smartphone to running a chainsaw (which definitely needs much more power than a phone-charger). The 2400W output allows the UGREEN’s power station to keep your house, RV, backyard party, or campsite going. Whether you’re in a power cut looking to run basic appliances like a fridge, toaster, coffee maker, and a CPAP machine, or whether you’re tailgating/camping and hoping to power all your gadgets, a projector, a speaker, and a mini-fridge, it has you covered. The 2048Wh battery, on the other hand, determines how long your appliances get powered for – it can run a standard home refrigerator for 12 hours, or charge you phone 145 times (or your laptop 30 times) before the battery gets depleted. That’s where connecting more batteries helps, and the PowerRoam 2200 lets you connect as many as 5 more batteries, bringing its capacity up to 12kWh, which can practically run basic appliances at home for days if not weeks.

Portability is truly where the UGREEN PowerRoam 2200’s design shines through. Most compact power stations are made to hint at portability. They have handles that make them easier to carry around, but here’s what people don’t tell you – Power stations can be incredibly heavy. The PowerRoam 2200, for instance, weighs 56.2 lbs (25.5 kilograms) primarily due to how heavy batteries can be. While that’s alright for most people to lift over short distances, carrying it out to the campsite or even from your home to your backyard can get exhausting. Luckily, the PowerRoam 2200 comes with its own trolley that features silent caster wheels and a telescopic handle, letting anyone lug it around for long distances without getting exhausted. Take it to your porch, poolside, or on a long hiking trip – that trolley feature is borderline genius.

The third hallmark of a great power station is its abundance of ports (after all, if a power station can’t power your devices, what good is it?!) The UGREEN PowerRoam 2200 packs as many as 16 different ports/outlets including 6 AC sockets, 2 USB-A ports, 4 USB-C ports (outputting as high as 140W total so you can even charge your laptop), 1 RV port, 2 DC ports, and 1 Car outlet (like the one in your car dashboard for cigarette lighters and whatnot). It also packs an LED lamp on the side that works as an emergency lamp in power outages, and has a host of input ports that let you either connect the PowerRoam 2200 to an AC socket in your wall (to juice its own battery), or to solar panels that can help you shift to renewable energy that doesn’t cost money and lets you stay powered even in the great outdoors. You can even connect as many as 5 extra batteries to give you a higher-capacity power station for larger houses or longer camping trips.

Warp Speed Recharging

Long-lasting 10-Year LiFePO4 Battery

Control In Your Hands

The UGREEN PowerRoam 2200 packs all this into a nifty portable package that’s about the same size as a beer cooler, measuring 21.3 inches long, 9.8 inches wide, and 11.4 inches long, with a highly durable ABS + Polycarbonate shell encasing all the electronics. The additional trolley vastly enhances the power station’s portability, letting you easily move from one space to another with it, and the trolley itself folds down for easy storage when not in use. The PowerRoam 2200 comes with EV-grade LiFePO4 batteries that are rated for a 10-year lifespan (3000+ life cycles), and have multiple battery management systems to protect the power station itself as well as your appliances from any issues or malfunctions. The PowerRoam is available for purchase starting today, for $1,999 in the U.S. on Amazon and comes with the free UGREEN app that lets you control your PowerRoam 2200 remotely as well as monitor your power consumption in real-time or even as a historical day-to-day report.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1,599 $1,999 ($400 off with clip-on coupon). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!