This App-controlled Lava Lamp is bringing back Retro glory in 2023

Let’s just accept the fact that retro is back. Whether it’s the rise in 80s music thanks to Stranger Things, a rekindled love for nixie tubes, Lamborghini redesigning the Countach in 2022, a full-blown Barbie movie reviving the iconic childhood toy, or even the fact that vintage home decor has seen a re-emergence, retro is making a glorious comeback… and you really can’t imagine the 70s and 80s without the iconic lava lamp. While lava lamps have pretty much gone extinct since the turn of the millennium, it seems they’re making a grand comeback too – with a modern twist. Meet Barava, a hanging lava lamp that’s just as vivid and dynamic as its ancestor – except that it’s also app-controlled, smart-home compatible, and lets you sync the colorful lights inside the lamp to the music you’re listening to!

Designer: Johnny Betz

Click Here to Buy Now: $289 $349 ($60 off). Hurry, only 82/100 left! Raised over $85,000.

Designed not just as a tabletop fixture but also as a hanging pendant light, the Barava is 2023’s answer to the lava lamp. It’s just as captivating, but comes packaged in a fresh avatar with a few tricks up its sleeve. The hanging lamp sports a touch-sensitive control that lets you switch it on, or you could alternatively control it via your app or your smart home assistant. Once switched on, the Barava lights your home with direct as well as ambient light. The base of the Barava illuminates your space, while the lava lamp itself acts as a wonderful mood lamp, creating an ambient dynamic experience through those amorphous moving blobs that are a signature part of any lava lamp experience.

Set the vibe with the Barava Lights millions of colors and animations.

Barava Light app pushes the limits of customization and convenience.

Easily turn your lights on and off with the two convenient tap control zones on the top and bottom of the fixture.

Voice commands for easy operation.

Switch it on and you’ve got quite literally millions of light colors to choose from. Built-in RGB LEDs give you the ability to choose from the entire color spectrum, or better still, sync your lights to your music to have them dynamically change color with the tunes you play. The Barava’s IoT features are perhaps the one thing that truly makes the lava-lamp new-age, giving you the ability to pair it with your smart home too. You can then summon the lamp to switch on or off based on your needs, setting the mood with a simple voice command.

The beauty of the Barava light lies in multiple things – its retro design, its myriad features, and its sheer perfect timing. Just as we’re bidding farewell to the incandescent bulb, the Barava is here to bring back the joy of nostalgia through another lamp that’s been a standard fixture of our past. Each Barava light measures 12.2 inches tall, and comes with a premium optical-grade glass vessel containing a non-toxic Glycol-based ‘ooze’ that moves around arbitrarily in its glass case. Multiple RGB panels illuminate both the inside of the lava lamp as well as the base, and are activated via the app or just by touching the bottom or top of the Barava.

Also functions as a usable task lamp.

Each Barava also comes in pendant as well as tabletop formats. The pendant lamp can be attached to any outlet in your ceiling, while the tabletop version comes with its own metal stand that measures nearly 28 inches tall. The Barava starts at $289 for the tabletop variant and $309 for the pendant version, and comes with a 1-year warranty and global shipping.

Click Here to Buy Now: $289 $349 ($60 off). Hurry, only 82/100 left! Raised over $85,000.