Minimalistic LEGO Sculptures showcase the ‘Seven Natural Wonders Of The World’ in adorable detail

Whoever invented LEGO probably never fully realized the potential of their creation. The brick-based construction system isn’t just a toy – it’s an educational tool, a prototyping tool, an engineering marvel, and even serves well as artpieces and home decor. Designed to help recreate the beauty of the world around us, these bricks hold immense potential and are incredibly versatile. Take for instance this fan-made LEGO diorama which recreates every single one of the Earth’s seven natural wonders in adorable, minimalist detail!

Designer: MasterExcellentLizard100

Designed by a LEGO builder by the name of “MasterExcellentLizard100”, these tiny dioramas sit on a 10×10 platform with a background behind. A plaque on the front describes each different natural wonder, covering virtually every continent there is. The collection includes the Grand Canyon and the Paricutin Volcano in North America, the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro in South America, the Victoria Falls in Africa, Mt. Everest in Asia, the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, and the Aurora Borealis lights that can be viewed from parts of Europe and the Arctic Circle.

The set of seven dioramas can either be placed individually or linked together in a line, making them a great addition to your work shelf, mantelpiece, or the shelf in your kid’s room or even in school. Not many people know about the Earth’s ‘natural’ wonders (it’s always the man-made ones that come to mind), making this LEGO set not just fun to look at and own, but also educational in nature, for its ability to teach both children and adults about all the beauty this planet holds!

MasterExcellentLizard100’s build is currently on the LEGO Ideas forum, where LEGO users and fans can support other creations by voting for them. Fan-made builds that cross the coveted 10,000 vote threshold will get reviewed by LEGO’s internal team and be turned into a retail box-set that people can buy and own!