The Computer Phone Is Here

What I like about the TPM VIPNI Concept P.C.P. Professional Computer Phone is that the concept is not ‘inspired’ by any existing design. Moreover it features components and aspects that are envisioned with existing and available technologies. Essentially this means you can build this powerhouse of a Pocket Computer Phone, right away!

Designer Imran Sheikh has a clever twist to the name VIPNI; turn it 180-degrees to find it spelling “INdIA”! Very clever!

Detailed Features are here:

  • x86 on ARM concept
  • Keyboard
  • Blank button
  • Bottom-line numeric keys for semi slide mode
  • Gaming keys inclusion
  • Split mouse
  • Top-Bottom Desigm
  • Central 3d camera placement
  • Redesigned stylus
  • Tap Controlled UI
  • Bottom fold capacitive mouse
  • Dual camera button
  • Professional ports for multimedia professional – video in (blue); audio in (yellow); audio out (Red)
  • a totally redesigned Back cover/stand

Designer: Thepowermachines

[youtube: 600 451]

Here are the features you would like to know:

The OS of choice for TPM VIPNI is Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (not Windows RT for ARM), which Dual boots along with the secondary mobile operating system Windows Phone 8. This is possible with the power of “ARM” because this whole system is powered by Quad Core ARM Processor.

The main purpose of the TPM-VIPNI PCP is to provide power of X86 & usability of ARM in one device at the same time. The problem with X86 processors is that they are less energy efficient and emit lots of heat while on the other hand ARM processors are powerful yet more heat and energy efficient. So what we did in TPM-VIPNI is that we used ARM Processor to power a full blown X86 Operating System i.e. Microsoft Windows 8 Professional (not the ARM one).

Original “TPM.KEYBOARD.1” design keyboard This keyboard features:

  • A full QWERTY layout
  • Designed with all PC keyboard function and control keys
  • Integrated mouse with three mouse buttons
  • Integrated gaming keypad
  • Grip angle key rotation
  • Relocated numeric keys for semi slide to reveal

Operates in two modes:

  • Feather mode (capacitive mode) for fast finger typing
  • Thumb mode for thumb press typing

Integrated Mouse Features:

  • Original dual located mouse i.e. buttons at one position & mouse pad at other position
  • Gives user a comfort of using both hands in mouse operations
  • Even useful for designers and hardcore gamers

Integrated Gamepad Features:

  • Unique arrangement of buttons and keyboard design keeping usability for hardcore gamers in mind without losing the functionality of QWERTY layout. This gives users a unique experience to switch between gaming and professional work without hassle.

Blank Button:

  • This keyboard is designed with a blank button and it is not there by mistake. The reason I added this button on keypad is for times when we need to keep screen or monitor awake for something important but the screen turns off due to timeout.
  • Unique bottom line positioning of numeric and function keys (win)
  • Speakers are located in both top and bottom, so you never need to worry you held the phone correct or not. Just pick up the phone and answer and the call.

TPM-STYLUS-1” is simple yet effectively designed stylus with a unique design and high precession. It occupies very less space inside TPM-VIPNI.
Central Placement of 3d Camera at the back which gives you the perfect judgment of what you are capturing.

TPM-VIPINI has a new feature of “Tap Controlled Buttons”. This Tap Controlled System is based on accelerometer built inside the system. The UI is fully TAP Controlled in Mobile mode as well as Touch Screen mode. The major difference between a Tap and Touch screen gestures is that “the touch screen gesture will work on a touch as it should but a Tap controlled UI is controlled by an Accelerometer which detects a Tap and ignores the Touch gesture”. The device is logically divided into four quadrants (yes, the whole device and not just the screen. refer diagram below).Tapping in different regions on a fixed combination will issue commands like “Home”, “Back”, “Menu”, etc. For e.g. Double tapping bottom left quadrant will navigate screen to “Home”. Double tap on bottom right will open up “Menu” and so on.

The Tap Control works in two ways:

  • Pattern control – i.e. the device uses a fixed pattern of taps at fixed spots (four quads or center) of the screen to issue a command.
  • Rhythm Control – The device uses a fixed rhythm of unique taps on any part of device to issue a command and control it. You can record these custom tap rhythms.

TPM-VIPNI’s touchpad is a unique mouse touchpad because it’s the thinnest and foldable. The unique design is obtained from a multi touch capacitive tab which smartly folds to the bottom. So it will only appear when required.