LEGO Botanical Collection adds these beautiful immortal Succulents to its catalog!

You know how they say succulents are some of the most resilient plants. Even if you don’t water your succulent for a month, chances are it’ll hold up just fine. LEGO’s succulents, on the other hand, don’t need a single drop of water. Assemble them, arrange them, and admire them – that’s all you need to do!

Designed as an expansion of LEGO’s Botanical Collection, these succulents look adorably lifelike and are made to scale. With a collection spanning 9 succulents that assemble using 771 bricks, this LEGO set lets you control exactly how your final design looks. Arrange the leaves and petals to face whichever way you want, group all 9 succulents together, or have them as separate plants around your house, the choice is really yours!

Designer: LEGO

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LEGO’s Succulent series has to be one of their most adorable builds ever. The 9 plants include an Aloe Vera, a Burro’s tail, a Hawthoria, a red Bromeliad, a Moon Cactus, a beautiful purple Echeveria, and a few others. Each plant comes with its own base which can either be displayed independently, or plugged together to create a succulent bouquet.

These succulents are pretty easy to build. Made with standard LEGO parts that assemble together rather easily, ‘growing’ your own succulent couldn’t be easier! You don’t need a green thumb for this… and most importantly, these cactii don’t come with thorns!!

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