Legion Go handheld with Joy-Con-like controllers and AR Glasses could be a desirable game changer

The renewed interest in handheld gaming consoles has got me excited as I observe the setting trends and evolution of mobile gaming beyond the smartphone platform. Steam Deck should get all the credit for streamlining the handheld gaming ecosystem and prompting competitors to up the ante.

Closest competitors to the Valve’s portable gaming system are the ROG Ally handheld, AYANEO, and now Lenovo wants to get a share of the pie with its iteration. This is the Legion Switch handheld under development with the characteristics of a Deck and Nintendo Switch given the JoyCon-like freedom.

Designer: Lenovo

This fresh leak comes courtesy of Windows Report who’ve got exclusive images and a trickle of information about the device under wraps. Legion Go wants to get over some of the inherent drawbacks of the current handhelds, and that’s an exciting development for people who love on-the-go gaming. The handheld device has removable controllers and an HD screen (with much smaller bezels) measuring 8 inches for an immersive experience. It’s got a button layout quite closely resembling that of the ROG Ally and a trackpad inspired by the Steam Deck.

Interestingly, the gadget will be powered by Windows 11, making it a compact PC for most of your tasks. According to the leak, Legion Go powered by the AMD Ryzen Z1 processor will be able to play triple-A titles on the go, giving you the freedom to game anytime, anywhere with no strings attached. There are big air vents on the top rear side and a stand lets you pair the handheld with another controller. There are shoulder buttons and side triggers which don’t surprise us but on the detachable Joy-Con (with Hall Effect joysticks hopefully) there’s a hidden mouse wheel most likely to enhance the user experience while navigating the Menu.

Lenovo Legion Go is rumored to be released at IFA 2023 along with other gaming gear for enthusiasts. According to industry insiders, the handheld could come with AR glasses for next-generation immersive gaming to shun the competitors. That said, there is no word on the pricing or availability of the handheld device thus far. It would be safe to guess, the handheld gadget will arrive during the holiday season.