This IKEA-like SUV Kit transforms your vehicle into a tailgating wonder or camper’s paradise

Remember the excitement of building furniture from flat-packed IKEA boxes? What if that same concept could be applied to camping adventures? That’s exactly what California’s VanLab has done with their SUV camper kit. This kit draws inspiration from IKEA furniture, but instead of tables and chairs, it transforms popular SUVs and crossovers into fully functional camping rigs.

The VanLab SUV Kit is more than just a camper box; whether you’re dreaming of a tailgate party or ready to upgrade from a tent camping adventure, the VanLab kit with a tailgate-width kitchen that expands to create a comfortable sleeping platform – bed and cushions – to go with it, is ready to steal the show.

Designer: VanLab

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Made from Baltic birch plywood, this kit arrives at your doorstep in the configuration you desire. The kit seamlessly fits behind the second row of your vehicle and can be easily removed and reinstalled. Customization possibilities and ease of installation make VanLab’s SUV Kit stand apart from the other options on the market.

The kitchen box offers ample space to equip it with your own stove, cooler, cookware, and dishes. If you’re ready to embrace the full camper experience, the sleeper platform kit is a convenient add-on. The kit effortlessly extends from the kitchen box into a spacious sleeping area measuring 75 x 51 inches when unfolded. The bed is paired with cushions (sold separately) to ensure a restful night’s sleep in your SUV.

The kitchen is smart and efficient, featuring a full-size drawer on one side and a thinner slide-out on the other. The space in between these storage options serves as a versatile table, perfect for cooking on a single-burner gas stove. A second worktop slides out from the lower part of the full-size drawer, while its upper shelf doubles as an additional workspace. Below this shelf, the drawer offers open storage space, meanwhile, the narrow slide on the opposite side comes equipped with organizers for cups and cutlery.

The central box space is capable of housing a cooler or fridge so you have fresh food and chilled drinks always within arm’s reach. VanLab SUV Kit with just the kitchen is competitively priced at $1,650. If you’re ready to dive into the full kitchen and bed experience, the package starts at $2,150 and an additional $400 can also get you cushions as well. At the price and versatility to transform from a cooking setup to a comfortable sleeping oasis, this SUV kit is compatible with almost all SUVs in the US. Embrace the joy of DIY assembly and usher in a new era of camping possibilities with the VanLab SUV Kit.