Smart Intelligent Stroller comes with an “Autostop System”

A bad example, but a great way to make you understand the importance of the Autostop System in the Smart Intelligent Stroller, is the airport trolley. The ones in my city come with an automatic braking system, where you need to press down the handle to activate the wheels. If you have not engaged the handle, by pressing down on it – the trolley will not move.

When you’re pushing heavy bags, and have your hands full, this locking mechanism is a bother, but it makes complete sense in a stroller. If you are not engaged with the handle, it means that you are not in control of the buggy and hence it makes sense to make it immovable and safe for the baby inside.

Apart from this crucial function, the Smart Intelligent Stroller ensures a comfortable and smart nursery environment for the baby inside it. It syncs with your smartphone to give you updates on the details like air quality and with the help of the ‘Smart Belt’, it picks up on details like the temperature and humidity inside the stroller. The ‘Smart Sensor’ on the belt helps you pick up on the stats.

Functions on the stroller include ‘Smart Monitoring’ for keeping an eye on the UV index, fine dust and yellow dust around the stroller. The ‘Full Canopy’ mode triggers the full canopy cover, when this index is too high and to block out the dust and UV rays. An internal ‘Air Purification System’ and ‘Safety Night Lighting’ complete the list of functionalities.

The Smart Intelligent Stroller is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept: Best of Best Award for the year 2019.

Designer: DO&BE Design