Dot Dash Dot Dash Blink!

Simple and realistic this Flash Communicator is one handy gadget you might want to take on your next camping trip. More like a real-time Morse code device, it translates voice to flashes of light that can be detected, read, and translated to voice by the receiving party. The idea behind this project was to make communication between survivors of natural disasters, easy. With the help of a Flash Communicator, locating and rescuing them would be more efficient.

During and after natural disasters, electrical devices are often paralyzed. Since the electrical supply is blocked, it is difficult to see at night. Communication is virtually impossible, so it is more difficult to locate survivors. Flash Communicator is a special communication device that could be used in this context.

  • Flash Communicator can be used as a simple night-light to alert any aircraft that might pass by.
  • It can be used to quickly transfer information about the current situation.
  • When the user presses the button that says ‘communication’ and speaks through the microphone, the VLC (visible light communication) transmitter changes the voice to light. If the VLC receiver of other party recognizes the light, it then changes the light into voice so that it can be heard.
  • When the voice component is not being used, the product automatically turns off.
  • This product could be placed in buildings’ staircases or in any public place as an emergency flash light for use whenever people might need one.

Flash Communicator is a 2012 red dot award: design concept winning entry.

Designer: Kim Minsoon