LG’s New Display Concept Blurs the Lines Between Reel and Real Even More for Gen – Z

In the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation, one cannot underestimate the power of collaboration between academia and industry. A prime example of this synergy is the groundbreaking concept design project “Forme,” born from a collaboration between Korea Design Membership and LG Electronics in 2022. This visionary project aims to capture the essence of Gen Z’s content consumption habits while redefining the relationship between users and their displays.

Designer: KOREA DESIGN MEMBERSHIP PLUS (Jinwoo JangJae In LeeJiung Yun and Jeonghyeon Lee)

People like us, Generation Z, often referred to as digital natives, are reshaping the way people interact with technology. For us, devices are not just tools; they are companions, woven intricately into our daily lives. It’s mostly because we have been born into the age of playing on iPads. (Well, I am a little older than that, so I relate to both sides on a decent level.) “Forme” recognizes this symbiotic relationship and envisions a display that becomes a true ‘Best Friend’ to the Gen Z clan.

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From waking up to winding down, Forme seamlessly integrates into the user’s daily routine. This concept acknowledges the strong connection Gen Z has with their devices – sleeping and waking up together, mirroring life patterns, and acting as a canvas for personal expression.

Gen Z yearns for a display that resonates with their emotions, habits, and aspirations. The Forme Display steps into this role as a true confidante – a ‘Best Friend’ who is there through thick and thin. This friendship is underscored by the display’s unique ability to sleep and wake with its user, mirroring the shared moments of rest and rejuvenation. In a society where the boundaries between technology and life are increasingly blurred, this concept breathes life into the display, making it an extension of the self.

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The Forme Display ingeniously incorporates an age-old element – window blinds. By drawing inspiration from the familiarity of blinds, the design encapsulates the essence of privacy, control, and versatility. The display itself is reminiscent of a protective roof, a shelter under which Gen Z can express themselves freely. This intuitive design metaphor allows users to easily lift the display, revealing a canvas that showcases not only digital content but also personal mementos, smartphones, and everyday essentials.

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The rise of vertical content, synonymous with the snack culture of Gen Z owing to platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat, is seamlessly accommodated by Forme Display’s innovative structure. Breaking away from the constraints of traditional horizontal displays, this concept embraces the future by harmoniously integrating both formats. The layered structure not only caters to this duality but also provides a visual representation of the blinds’ intricate mechanism.

The Forme Display embodies a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. The carefully chosen ‘Rare Low’ material wraps around the body, imparting a sense of intimacy and warmth. This ‘roof’ serves a dual purpose – not only is it visually striking, but it also offers a practical grip to easily lift the display. Meanwhile, the bottom speaker not only enhances audio quality but also contributes to the product’s overall stability. This amalgamation of elements transforms the Forme Display into a piece of art that seamlessly fits into the user’s environment.

In an era characterized by multifunctionality, “Forme” rises to the challenge. It includes provisions to accommodate a smartphone or essential office supplies, showcasing its adaptability to a variety of tasks. Innovation often hinges on achieving balance, and “Forme” achieves this equilibrium in terms of weight and portability. The design takes into consideration the modern Gen Z lifestyle, where mobility is paramount. By incorporating the concept of a ‘roof’ as the main structure, the product maintains a lightweight yet robust disposition, making it an ideal companion for the on-the-go generation.

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The Forme Display Concept stands as a beacon of innovation, a harmonious marriage of tradition and cutting-edge technology. It is not merely a display; it is a friend, a confidante, a custodian of memories, and a canvas for expression. As Gen Z navigates the ever-evolving landscape of digital interactions, the Forme Display serves as a constant companion, adapting, evolving, and encapsulating the spirit of a generation. In this era of rapid change, the Forme Display Concept invites us to embrace the future while cherishing the elements that make us who we are.