This ambidextrous mouse uses an accordion-like design to give each hand an ergonomic grip

More often than not you’ll need to work on your computer, and the tools better be good. For people who are left-handed finding a mouse that fits the ergonomic posture for maximum comfort is not that easy. The reason being – most mouse designs are crafted keeping in mind right-handed people. So, it gives industrial designer Ju Yeon Baek reason enough to keep the needs of left-handed geeks in mind to come up with an ergonomic mouse.

Ju rightly christened this mouse design as “Ambi” – a mouse for ambidextrous, or more importantly for left-handed individuals. This peripheral in peppy orange and subtle black color grabs your attention instantly – not to mention its cool looks. Having an accordion-like design gives this mouse the flexibility to orient into any desired ergonomic shape for right or left-handed use. This is a big advantage as most right hand oriented mouse are virtually a nemesis to work with for a productive work regime. The aesthetic gives the mouse height adjustment flexibility as well – which one misses in conventional mouse designs at times.

According to Ju Yeon even a normal mouse (not designed specifically for right-handed use) can be a major cause of ‘carpal tunnel syndrome’ since the mouse’s angle does not fit with the hand’s structure. This causes long term use-related health issues which can lead to weakness and lack of coordination in your fingers and thumb. With Ambi however, that’s not a thing to worry about as one can adjust it depending on the hand shape and size. In fact, I was tempted into having this mouse as I was using mine which is right-handed oriented and I’m ambidextrous – wanting to explore the option to use my left hand when I feel like!

Designer: Ju Yeon Baek