i Ready O is an iPhone analog radio that sustainably blends retro and modern

In my journey through the corridors of memory, it’s the radio that often stands out as an idea of happiness and wonder. It reminds me of the joy of tuning into my favorite radio station, letting the music fill the air, while I croak along in all likeliness to myself matching the tonal quality of the finest singers of yore.

Arguably, radio has had a unique power to transport us all to different times and places, evoking emotion that is impossible to replicate today in the digitally charged world. But before you think so, a designer has breathed new life into the idea of an analog radio with the help of a used iPhone.

Designer: Mark Choi

Interestingly dubbed i Ready O, this inventive design idea bridges the gap between analog charm and the new digital age by putting a used iPhone into an analog-style radio contraption. While the design is a reflection of the designer’s love for radios, it also in a way addresses the growing concern of electronic waste. This sustainable solution allows an otherwise discarded iPhone to be reused as a fully-functional radio.

The i Ready O provides a seamless combination of traditional radio functionality blended with the convenience of smartphone apps that you can use to play and tune into radio stations from around the world. It lets you scroll on the iPhone touchscreen or tune in traditional manner with round twistable buttons on the side. Its adjustable handle rests at different angles to allow the iPhone radio to be used in portrait or landscape orientation.

In the ever-evolving technological world, where televisions have undergone a remarkable transformation over the years, flowing through high-definition, smart capabilities, and streaming services, the radio has managed to retain its analog allure. While the imbibed simplicity and nostalgia make the radio so endearing even today, this welcome change is both a sustainable and enchanting idea for every radio fanatic like me.