Food Dicer, Lemon Slicer, Robot Penguins = WIN

Let me channel my best Shamwow Guy impression and convince you these items are worth their salt. The Easy Food Dicer, Lemon Slicer and Robot Penguins have a tiny bit of Alessi in them but there’s something modernly sophisticated to them too.

I’m not one for overly complicated kitchen accessories but the Easy Food Dicer looks much easier to use than many products in the market. I guess that’s how they arrived at the name. There’s something satisfying about guiding that potato to a slow death into perfectly cut cubes. Mmm fry me up some of that!

I’ll pass on the Lemon Slicer. Seriously people need a lemon slicer? The Robot Penguins are a win tho. They’re not so much robots as they are toy shakers that roll across the table after you give the wheels a couple good cranks. Pass the salt please! I think Designer Cosso should send me the whole set.

Designer: Cosso

Easy Food Dicer, Lemon Slicer & Robot Penguins by Cosso