Insect Printer

What better way to tell someone you love them then to have nature’s creatures do the dirty work for you? Now you too can play God by having and army of caterpillars spell out your stalker tendencies. Yes, I realize this is not the usual “product concept” you are used to seeing here on Yanko Design, but it is an interesting way to work with nature as a replacement for your tree killing printer. No? Not buying that? Ok, that was a stretch…sorry. The point here is that with the simple use of some honey in a squeeze bottle, you can make animals do almost anything for food! Genius!

Text from the designer: The various messages on the leaves depend on the leaf consumption of the caterpillars. This design originated from one of disturbance in Korean history. A message of environmental protection is created by a caterpillar, an organism or nature, by eating the honey pasted parts of the leaf. The environmental protection message is more affective when it is delivered by nature itself rather than humans. And in such way man is automatically criticized. (The natural model which has no artificial factor is a beautiful book mark that carries a message.)

Designer: Kyung-Ah Park