This new AirPods Pro case takes on a barrel shape to fit in pockets with your other EDC items!

Antón visualized an AirPods Pro case concept that holds each AirPods Pro in vertical placement, swapping out a rectangular build for a barrel-shaped case.

The new case for AirPods Pros is even wider than the previous generation of AirPods. Wedging that case into your pocket between your keys, wallet, and other EDC items is uncomfortable and makes our pockets too bulky. Iván Antón, a product and graphic designer based in Madrid, recently visualized an AirPods Pro Case concept that gives the case a vertical edge, ditching a wide body for a slim, barrel-shaped one.

The current case for AirPods Pro is about 20mm wider than the AirPods case, a substantial difference that requires a lot more room in our back pockets.  In contrast to the bulkier, horizontal AirPods Pro case, Antón’s concept case would fit nicely into any pocket even if it’s already stuffed with your house keys, wallet, and whatever else. Individual charging lights emanate from both ends of the cylindrical case to accurately indicate how much battery juice each AirPod has. Antón also visualized the AirPods Pro case in a matte black, a shade that we’ve yet to see Apple experiment with on charging cases for AirPods and AirPod Pros.

EDC items like house keys, wallets, lighters, and multi-tools fill our pockets daily. Finding the space to carry our charging cases for AirPods can get difficult considering the little room we do have. 3D visualizer and product designer Iván Antón created an AirPods Pro case that swaps out a bulky, rectangular build for a cylindrical one that can easily slide into the fullest of back pockets.

Designer: Iván Antón