How a simple + functional table and chair were used to represent furniture as art

What truly makes or breaks a home at the end of the day is the furniture that’s placed in it. The right kind of furniture design can create the essence and soul of a home. And I do feel it’s essential that the soul of our home is a reflection of our own soul. Hence picking furniture pieces that bring out the best in our homes, while authentically representing our personality is a must. You need to pick designs that are fun, sophisticated, and functional. They add an extra spark to your home, without compromising on utility in the least. And two furniture designs that would make a great fit for your home are the – Canvas Chair and the Blank Table.

Designer: Stoft Studio

Designed by Stoft Studio, the Canvas Chair and Blank Table are two visually stunning furniture pieces that would make for excellent additions to your home. The two pieces function as furniture and as art! Starting with, the Canvas Chair is quite intriguing to look at. The seat of the chair mimics and functions like an embroidery hoop, subtly highlighting the weaves and textiles and displaying the true artistic value of the chair.

The studio utilized Tärnsjö leather tannery for the leather seat variant of the chair, the textile design duo Butler/Lindgård for the “Goosebumps” weave version, and the Klässbol Linen Weaving Mill to produce the linen version. The Canvas Chair is intended to be a tribute piece of furniture, that beautifully displays the materials and artistry utilized to make a textile weave or natural tanned leather hide.

On the other hand, the Blank Table is also an effort to highlight and showcase art, but by using two tempered glass sheets, to create the tabletop. Different contents such as paint, dried flowers, textiles, or your own artwork can be pressed to represent your personal preferences and style. The Blank Table is an attempt on Stoft Studio’s part to create a furniture design that perfectly caters to and represents your own individual and unique taste, allowing your personal style to be reflected in your home or living space.