All-In-One Credit Card

Quite a few of us use multiple credit cards and every time one card expires, its plastic adds to the trash. So do the numerous receipts that we accumulate after swiping our CC. The fundamental of the One Card Electronic Card is quite simple; it wants to eliminate the trash (and resolve issues like identity theft via discarded expired CCs) by proposing to be this all-credit-cards-in-one device. On one end of the gadget is a Memory Card Slot that will help the user upload their various CC Details.

The other end has a turning-knob that allows one to choose the appropriate Credit Card to be swiped. The display on the device reflects an identical copy of the CC front, while the strip on the back mimics a CC’s magnetic strip. Once the transaction is completed, the receipt generated is displayed on the device (no paper receipt) and the info gets stored on the memory card.

The concept is pretty clear in what it wants to achieve, namely combine all cards that a person uses under one umbrella, reduce generation of paper/plastic trash, identity security etc. The only block is the compatibility with various banks and the willingness of people to rely on a gadget for daily CC transactions. Yes, we do use online, virtual services, but something like this is quite different.

Designer: Young-suk Kim

One Card Electronic Card Concept by Kim Young Suk










  • DiggWhat says:

    Its Cool… But I See The Knob (Due to its shape) Being Annoying. Try A Track Ball or touch screen, So the “All in On Card” Can Hold Onto The Flat Platform.

  • void says:

    Agree, that the “rotate wheel” is quite bumpy and annoying… Could be gracefully replaced by a touch screen or a “touch stripe” (a 1D touch component). That orange detail in the bottom could be the touch stripe.

    Besides that, it’s very stylish and modern. I like it!

  • Not to take anything away from this conceptualization – An NFC enabled phone with interactive applications installed could do these things NOW!

    • giyad says:

      maybe it can… but it can’t swipe at a regular card machine, so its not backwards compatible. This card would be swipe-able at any credit card machine.

      Although you could just argue that all merchants will be upgrading their machines… so yeah, a phone is going to probably take over the card eventually

  • mif991 says:

    Just imbed the information into the skin…Ups!,no take that back, it would be a mistake of biblical proportions. Your design is better.

  • Arcas says:

    I guess I’ll be the naysayer here. I think it’s a solution in search of a problem that in fact creates some additional risks.

    1) Aggregation solutions like this create single points of failure. What if your OCEC breaks or the internal battery runs down while you’re on a trip? You’ll probably want to carry one or more real credit cards if only for emergencies which negates one of the main motivations of this device.

    (That said, I do think we’ll eventually see mass adoption of card aggregators but not in this form. Instead, I think it’s more likely that they’ll be applications on our cellphones and we’ll pay bills wirelessly.)

    2) Now you have a little memory card with, presumably, details of all your cards and your transaction histories. What are the failure modes? Is the data on this card encrypted in such a way that only your particular OCEC card can decrypt it?

    3) What about a restaurant situation where you’re expected to hand your card to the waiter? Do you really want your waiter to have access to all of your credit cards? I realize that some restaurants are beginning to install card readers at each table but they’re still pretty rare.

    • AlienzExist says:

      These are all very good points. Losing, breaking, getting it stolen, running out of power or becoming defective like all electronics tend to do. And the knob is my biggest problem, it should be able to fit where a normal card would, in a wallet. That knob restricts it to being held in your pocket or bag… In the near future, i think these things will be done via cell phone or credit card “apps.” Kudos for designing something to ward off that fate.

  • meira says:

    This is excellent! This product needs to be made now. I have a ton of cards and this could make them all obsolete.

  • Jon says:

    just a comment on the aesthetics/renders. The USB part is too thin. The metal casing around the male end is standard size so that it always creates a good contact. Without the case, it would just be flimsy and would not work (learned from personal experience). My guess is you will have to thicken the body in the area to accommodate for this.

  • Confucius says:

    Surprised nobody has mentioned the fact that it won’t fit in ATM’s.

    • Jeremiah says:

      You sir, have good eyes. I was just thinking the same thing! What if I want something from a place or person who only accepts “CASH ONLY”. You’re kinda screwed. I like the problem it tries to solve, but alas, this is kind of a failed attempt, no offence.

  • Wheema says:

    The knob is stupid a slider or buttons would be cheaper, smaller and more practical. How in any way is this safe? how does it get powered and of course you have to recharge it – yuck.
    Getting info onto the card will be impossible as CC companies will see this as a massive security/fraud problem – because it is.
    Sorry nice idea but hugely flawed.

  • westwooddenizen says:

    I’m seeing a disconnect at the point where you load your credit card info onto it from a media card. Sounds like a prime method for some kind of malfeasance. I mean, how do you load your credit card info onto the media card? And how hard would it be for an inscrutable waitperson to do the same thing in a quick minute?

  • Ulises says:

    I like 2 things:
    “Gandalf, The Gray” on the recipt screen, and the Turbo Grafx 16B logo !!!!!!

  • Sho says:

    I think this is a great idea and i believe it is inevitable. I just figured it would be tied in with your social security number and drivers license. But i would agree that it should be a touch screen and not have the knob.

  • Steve says:

    It looks like a hip flask and thinking about it – that would make this work for me – a wee dram to console you when you realise you have no more money.

  • Nicolas says:

    I always have this big issue to deal with when I’m travelling “light”: “what should I do with the dozen of plastic cards I have in my wallet?”. I have plastic cards for almost everything: of course my credit card, ID card and driving licence, but also my various customer cards, membership card for various associations and finally frequent flyer card for different airlines.

    This concept is not only interesting for credit cards, but may revolution our approach to the concept of wallet itself! Imagine that this all-in-one credit card may give us the ability not only to pay our goods, but also services (a virtual e-ticket for public transportations or airplanes, social security, insurance) and feature everything from our secured personal data (passport/ID card/Driving licence) to the family picture we carry everywhere…

    Of course there’s always the issue of losing it with all the critical information it carries… but it is just the same problem as loosing your real wallet. Except that we can imagine that this all-in-one wallet will be able to be deactivated remotely and thus safeguards all your data.

    A very nice concept indeed.

  • S.Srinivasan says:

    It is wonderful. This can reduce frauds & enhance safety. One or more feature can be accommodated that is paid details such as, date of payment, and amount can also incorporated and made easy to reconcile the accounts. secondly Identity of card holder’s name or say date of birth, card issue or expiry date can be Bar coded in cards and same may be displayed and checked while authenticating card payments.

  • matthias says:

    absolut nice and usefull..that must be finished…..but i think the twisting button isn´t the best way the answer this problem to select the card details……

  • volk says:

    complete crap…

  • Guest says:

    I immediately had the same idea as Nicolas…
    THIS would be my wallet…
    My ID, Credit Cards, Membership Cards…everything.

    But then I realized that the more logical (and practical) approach is to implement such features into cellphones (as previously stated).
    Why would companies world-wide want to upgrade all of their swiping credit systems for this device…when you could implement this device into a cell-phone a year later…and another upgrade would be needed.
    In order for this all-in-one mentality to catch on: it simply needs to be on your phones.

  • sourabh jain says:

    The idea behind the card is good, however its not as much strong, that we can put it into the pocket. we have to keep it very safely.

    Second in my opinion its better to develpe the POS machine instead of cards, and unique card nunber can be linked with multi card issuer companies with the differert card and at the time of swaping, machine will give the option of choosing the card type and the company.

  • sourabh jain says:

    The idea behind the card is good, however its not as much strong, that we can put it into the pocket. we have to keep it very safely.

    Second in my opinion its better to develpe the POS machine instead of cards, and unique card nunber can be linked with multi card issuer companies with the differert card and at the time of swaping, machine will give the option of choosing the card type and the company.

  • Monica says:

    I think that it’ll be one of the easiest things they’ve created but then also easier for people to steal it and completely have control over all of your accounts

  • I think that this is a credit card, not a phone

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