LG’s Insane Lunar Lander-inspired Coffee Machine Uses Two Pods For Nuanced Flavor

Developed by LG Labs, the DUOBO is exactly the kind of ground-breaking innovation you’d expect from the company that brought us rolling TVs, swiveling phones, and a bunch of other crazy gizmos. Shaped like something you’d find Mars, the DUOBO is a space-inspired coffee machine that outdoes your Nespresso in both the looks and the functionality department. By allowing you to extract from two coffee pods at the same time, DUOBO lets you build unique coffee blends by letting you be your own coffee connoisseur. The machine works with all standard-sized coffee pods, allowing you to use your existing Nespresso or Starbucks pods to create blends that you couldn’t ever make before. The machine expertly controls the flow from each pod, calibrating water temperature and quantity, and layers coffee from the two pods sequentially to build your two-shot espresso that you can then enjoy in a variety of drinking styles!

Designer: Duobo of LG Labs

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The first thing that stands out with the DUOBO is its unconventional design. Most coffee machines blend in (no pun intended), but the DUOBO chooses to stand out instead. Its design takes inspiration from the 1969 Apollo 11 lunar lander, with a form that features a space module-shaped coffee machine standing on three legs. Underneath lies the DUOBO’s platform, which comes with a display that guides you through the process (and even provides some occasional entertainment), a 500ml water reservoir, and the powerful CPU underneath that precisely controls how your coffee is brewed, extracted, and layered.

Simultaneous Two-shot Blending – First capsule coffee machine ever to extract two coffee capsules at the same time!

Watching the DUOBO brew a cup is just about as awe-inspiring as watching a moon landing. The coffee machine isn’t like your boring, blockish Nespresso or Keurig. It actually moves up and down, adjusting its height to match the height of the cup you put under it. The three legs help the DUOBO effectively shift on a vertical axis, adding a never-before-seen drama to the ritual of making coffee. The coffee machine’s ‘space hatch’ then pops open, revealing an area for placing two coffee pods. Secure the pods and the hatch closes shut; and once you hit the ‘Brew’ button, the machine compresses in size as it uses pressure to extract coffee from the pods. The coffee is dispensed from the bottom, and the empty pods emerge shortly after, waiting to be discarded. It’s possible that you’ll find yourself getting addicted to watching the DUOBO in action rather than actually cultivating a coffee addiction!

The DUOBO’s design cleverly highlights its separate functional areas. The coffee machine itself resides in the top half, along with the ‘docking station’ for your two coffee pods. Pop open the hood or the ‘space hatch’ and you can add pods of your choice in their receptacles. Once closed, you can make adjustments within the DUOBO’s smartphone app and directly command the machine to begin brewing coffee with the press of a button either on the DUOBO or on your smartphone. The lunar lander-shaped electronic barista gets to work, heating the water to the precise temperature for each individual pod, and sending the water through a cleverly designed valved system to extract the coffee from each pod. The coffee gets dispensed from the lower surface of the machine (where you’d expect the lander’s afterburners to be). Place your cup on the display built into DUOBO’s base platform, and the coffee dispenses right into it, giving you two shots of intensely flavorful, crema-laden golden glory.

The DUOBO’s brains lie in its base platform. The CPU inside the base handles the entire procedure, heating water up to temperatures of 80°C and controlling the flow of the water to each pod individually. Even though the DUOBO has space for two pods, you can choose to only use one pod for a single serve of espresso and the machine instantly calibrates itself accordingly. The DUOBO outputs up to 19 bars of pressure, which helps it efficiently extract coffee from the pod as well as serves it well during maintenance and cleaning modes.

The base of the DUOBO also comes with its own 10.1-inch IPS Full HD display that doubles up as a nifty entertainment center while you’re waiting for your coffee to brew and get extracted. Designed to make the wait time as fun as what follows after, the display automatically plays fun videos and animations as you patiently wait for your cuppa. A touch-sensitive panel right below it helps you operate your DUOBO, letting you adjust your coffee machine’s height, choose number of shots, and whether you want an espresso or a regular cup of black coffee.

The DUOBO stands at 13.3 inches in height, occupying roughly a square foot of space on your table or kitchen countertop. It supports Bluetooth 5 as well as 2.4Ghz WiFi, and comes with a free app to let you control your coffee brewing experience. The app also lets you view expert curations for your own inspiration, and even allows you to directly buy coffee pods right within the app itself. Available at an early bird discount, the DUOBO starts at $399, and comes with a 1-year warranty that covers replacements, repairs, and refunds.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399 $799 ($400 off). Hurry, only 86/250 left!