This Electric Mercedes-Benz EQV based camper van gives digital nomads one more reason to hit the roads

The sustainable travel trend has seeped into the motorhome and RV market for good. This has been a living reality as more and more electric vehicles go past the prototype stage and onto the manufacturing lines. For aftermarket customization shops this is the ideal opportunity to turn EVs into motorhomes fitted with every possible feature important to a nomad.

For their latest build, the Dutch RV group chooses the Mercedes-Benz EQV electric van that boasts exceptional performance and comes with luxurious inclusions. The 201hp EV has a 224 miles range, honed by a 100-kWh battery unit that feeds the 150-kW electric motor. Turn it into a motorhome and you have the perfect camper van for all your unplanned adventures.

Designer: Tonke and Mercedes-Benz

Compared to the Adventure model, the new Nomad version drops the gas stove burner and fits an induction cooktop instead. Along with this, a sliding kitchen is an ideal inclusion for outdoor cooking lovers. This section also doubles as a makeshift workstation as one can use the cover for the dual-burner induction cooktop by sliding it inwards behind the front passenger seat. The perfect setup for digital nomads who love to cook.

Their EQV Nomad can seat five people with ease, and even seven but with a few compromises in functionalities. For the nighttime, the rear seats can be folded to turn into a bed to sleep up to two individuals. If need be, the expandable pop-up roof makes way for a sleeping area for two more people. The motorhome’s bed is above the tailgate drawer system that can be used to store an optional 31L fridge, luggage, cargo boxes, or camping equipment.

Compared to the Adventure camper released last year, the Nomad is a better option at the price of €77,019 (approximately $85,684) given its versatile indoor/outdoor kitchen that transforms into a space for you to work amidst nature. The camper comes with other additional options including a pop-up sleeper, EcoFlow power station, compressor refrigerator, rear drawers, and window curtains. If you happen to be in Terheijden, NL, Tonke will offer a demo at its headquarters on August 5.