Land Cruiser-based 6×6 camper is the ultimate RV with power and amenities to explore the unexplored

EarthCruiser, a renowned go-anywhere expedition RV brand in Australia, has pushed the boundaries of off-roading motorhomes to conquer the harshest terrains in the world. Dubbed the Extreme XTR6x6, this remarkable vehicle is a progressive variant of the EarthCruiser’s original Extreme XTR250, considered one of the boldest 4×4 drives out there.

While you are factoring in all the possibilities as to how this is more “extreme;” the new Extreme XTR6x6 is built on a Toyota Land Cruiser 79 Series, a rugged and capable base vehicle, by EarthCruiser Australia in collaboration with 6×6 Australia Pty Ltd. Together then they have transformed this ride it into a formidable 6×6 camper that’s ready to take you where no other motorhome can.

Designer: EarthCruiser Australia

The driving force behind the Extreme XTR6x6 is the addition of a third-driven axle, resulting in a powerful 6×6 configuration. This alteration supports a stretched living module to offer both space and amenities in plenty. The camper was initially developed as a custom solution for a customer who desired enhanced capabilities. However, it quickly garnered attention from a wider audience and the Extreme XTR6x6 will now be rolled out for a larger customer base.

The expedition-ready motorhome comes with portal axles for enhanced ground clearance and has differential locks for all three axles. It has a steering function on the middle axle, contributing to improved handling and maneuverability, while its airbag suspension system ensures automatic load and horizon leveling.

With a total fuel capacity of 275 liters spread across two tanks, the Extreme XTR6x6 is equipped for extended journeys into remote areas. And when you are en route to the remotest area, the off-road tires can give way. For this, a central tire inflation system is integrated into the camper itself, to inflate tires while you’re on the move. The system even employs GPS speed sensing to adjust tire pressure to driving speed.

On the exterior, the vehicle boasts four lockable toolboxes. For further convenience, when you’ve camped and the awning’s out, the camper also features an outdoor cooktop, refrigerator, and shower. A pass-through functions as storage for your equipment and gear, while the living area features an electrically rising roof. It provides enough headroom and accommodates sleeping space for up to three people.

The rear section of the camper has a kitchenette with countertops. The bathroom in here also has a shower and a cassette toilet for user convenience. EarthCruiser Australia has equipped the Extreme XTR6x6 with 275 liters of fresh water and 27 liters of gray water tank. The RV is powered by a pair of 555Ah batteries and a complementing 810-watt solar panel system, all supporting extended off-grid living in the XTR6x6.

Extreme 330 XTR6x6 is a testament to EarthCruiser’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of off-road exploration and adventure, which is not just limited to power and performance. EarthCruiser also considers safety important and has equipped the XTR6x6 with exterior cameras for security.