Red Dot Award-winning portable magnetic LED lamp is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts

I love a beautifully-designed lighting design because I truly believe a really great one has the ability to illuminate a space – both literally, and metaphorically. Besides the physical light that it quite obviously emits, a well-designed lighting design can add manifolds of personality and charisma to a room or space. They can function as sculptural pieces, that are an extension of your personal taste and preference, truly exhibiting the richness and niche-ness of your curation capabilities, or if they’re the portable kind you can carry them along with you to illuminate anything anytime anywhere.  And one such innovative lighting design I recently laid eyes upon is the Orbe.

Designer: Nelson Fossey and Lexon

French designer Nelson Fossey from Index Office collaborated with Lexon to create the Orbe lamp. Winner of the 2023 Red Dot Design award, the Orbe is a portable torchiere lamp that is designed to illuminate spaces wherever and whenever needed. Nelson Fossey has a minimalist and simple approach to lighting, making the designer the perfect candidate for Lexon to team up with. They wanted to create a lighting design that is suitable for all occasions.

The Orbe Lamp is inspired by childhood memories of playing the cup-and-ball game and features a detachable magnetic head with an interesting 2-part design that can be easily attached and detached. The act of connecting and disconnecting the 2 parts brings to mind the childhood joy and enthusiasm of playing games! The colors were selected to be playful – such as sedate black, gold, and glossy white options. The Orbe is designed for outdoor use and is meant to be a portable product with an IPX4 rating that equals splash-resistant. You can easily carry the lamp with you anywhere, and its rotatable head emits a peak output of 100 lumens of light.

Quite interestingly, the LED lamp doesn’t just radiate one hue output, in fact, it can emit 9 colors, and even dimming as an option. When the Orbe is at its lowest setting, it can produce an impressive 48 hours of illumination, in only 5 hours of recharging via a USB-C cable. The Orbe lamp is an excellent option for outdoor enthusiasts who are constantly looking for fun, functional and practical products to add to their box of essential outdoor gear.