This sustainable + contemporary collection of bathroom seating was made using recycled cork

Bathtime is probably one of my favorite times of the day. It’s that precious hour of the day when I can indulge in self-care, and pamper myself without having to worry about the world. And I’ve realized that filling up your bathroom with thoughtful designs, only makes your time in it much more comfortable and smooth. And this collection of bathroom seating by Italian bathroom brand Agape strives to be exactly that! Designed by Marco Carini for Agape, the collection includes two seating designs created from recycled cork.

Designer: Marco Carini for Agape

The first design is called Vis-à-vis, and it is a light and sturdy stool that also doubles up as a tiny side table. The second design is Rendez-vous, and it’s a bench that serves as an extensive seating option for bathroom users. Both designs function as comfortable spots to sit and relax in the bathroom.

“Like in a child’s drawing, or a fairy tale by Gianni Rodari, these whimsical and playful elements show both lightness and originality of thought. In a world that wants everything neatly categorized and defined, these pieces celebrate their versatility and freedom of use,” said Agape.

The stool features a cylindrical form that is quite inviting to look at. It was made using heat-treated cork and has a rather curving form, that looks like someone smiling, according to Agape. The “smiling” shape of the stool is quite unique and allows it to function as a side table as well – one that could hold your excessive bathroom products. The bench, on the other hand, was created using hand-woven cork ropes, that are wrapped and intertwined between recycled aluminum tubing, which has a hearty brick-red tone to it. The bench is a larger and more extensive seating design as compared to the stool, and works well for longer seating durations.

Both Vis-à-vis and Rendez-vous were made using cork that was sourced from the material discarded during the production of wine bottle stoppers. Both designs are water-resistant and have been designed for residential and commercial purposes. They provide a tranquil and relaxing space to unwind and reflect in your bathroom.