An Apple iPhone 12 stand + AirPods case that encloses your gadgets in premium handcrafted protection

iPhone 12 series is by far the best designed Apple iteration fueled by processing power that for now, is in a league of its own. So are the AirPods Pro true wireless earbuds with their ergonomic design that fits like a charm but is prone to getting lost time and again. For an Apple fan, it is a given that these two gadgets are already in the bag, or at least on the bucket list for holiday season purchase. So what’s the next best thing to amp up your Apple game? Accessories like a phone stand or a secure case for your AirPods Pro – to avoid losing them for no reason!

For people who appreciate quality, lifestyle brand VogDUO has come up with an iPhone 12 series stand and AirPods Pro case made from Genuine Italian leather. Both these accessories can be used in conjunction for a hitch-free late-night binge-watching session when you don’t want to wake up your grumpy mate with loud audio on the speakers. The Airpods Pro earbuds can be positioned right behind the iPhone 12 (in a standing position) which is great for organizing your favorite Apple accessory. The brand gives you reason enough to invest in functional accessories made from high-quality materials that not only protect your beloved gadgets from damage or scratches but also add to your style quotient in an unparalleled way. Among the sea of similar-looking iPhone 12 accessories made from the conventional PVC, ABS, or metal – theirs is handcrafted from leather obtained from natural materials that are vegetable-tanned. Depending on how you use the iPhone 12 stand and Apple AirPods Pro case, the leather takes its own character – becoming softer yet durable as well as flexible with time. Both are tested rigorously for long term usage – passing 200 cm drop test, 500 times bend application, 1000 times of button buckling, and 500 times of pulling!

Talking about the 0.1-inch thick leather iPhone 12 stand – the beauty of this modern accessory is the ability to unbutton it in a jiffy into a flatpack design for easy storage or carrying in your backpack when not in use. When you watch a movie or FaceTime with loved ones, the premium stand can be easily set up in an instant with the Airpods Pro case snug inside it. Along the same lines, the AirPods Pro case is lightweight enough for everyday carry – making the TWS earbuds almost invisible, yet when you need to listen to your favorite music or podcast, they are well within arm’s reach thanks to the hook on clip that more or less turns your AirPod Pro case into a key chain, you are a lot less likely to lose! Plus it can be clipped onto your backpack for easy portability so you never forget they are with you.

The VogDUO AirPods Pro case and the iPhone 12 stand comes in black, tan, red, and emerald color options that all look unique and handcrafted from the most premium leather you can ask for. From our point of view, the use of premium leather and the intuitive design that gives you a multitude of uses without being too intrusive is the USP of these duet accessories for Apple’s latest and greatest. Moreover, they give you more than one reason to never have that sinking feeling of finding the AirPods Pro are lost somewhere. Not only are they eye candy but they also evoke a sense of appreciation for the little things in life – after all that’s what we all crave!

Designer: VogDUO

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VogDUO – Premium Leather iPhone Stand and AirPods Case

Made by VogDUO, this series includes an AirPods Pro Genuine Leather Case and a Premium Leather iPhone 12 stand. Both designs are focused on convenience but also provide protection to your AirPods Pro and iPhone respectively.

AirPods Pro Genuine Leather Case

AirPods are often too small to be found when needed. VogDUO brings more to the overall design which not only makes it secured enough but lightweight enough for everyday carry. It makes the AirPods Pro feel barely-there around you.

Clip this case to you to keep your earbuds close and avoid losing them.

Taking out the Airpods Pro from the case just requires a push from the bottom of the leather case.

Premium Leather iPhone 12 Stand

At just 0.1 inches thick, this stand is a DIY solution that you can use anywhere on the go. In only two steps, you can prop your phone to a level that’s comfortable for you. This way, you can get on with your work but still have your phone within view.

Compatibility: iPhone 6- iPhone 12 Pro Max/ Samsung Galaxy/ Google Pixel/ Sony Xperia and more.

Craftsmanship That Assures Quality and Durability

Leather Sourcing –  VogDUO’s leather sourcing process is quite intense and unique. Hundreds of trials, molding, and positioning models are applied to the design process. The leather used is vegetable-tanned and obtained with natural materials. The raw hides and skins are tanned using traditional methods to avoid heavy metal pollution.

Durability –  Putting the products into practice testing is an essential part of the design process. The tests include a 200cm dropping test, 500 times of bending test, 1000 times of button buckling tests, and 500 times of pulling tests. The leather with natural texture matures over time with different owners, location, usage, and weather. In the way of becoming tenderer, darker, and flexible.

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