This Super Spacious Rooftop Tent For Your Off-Roader Assembles With The Push of a Button

The lightest, most spacious rooftop tent on the market… and it assembles autonomously with the push of a button, giving you a perfectly cozy two-person camper tent with the best views on the house. What more could a wanderlust outdoor-lover ask for??

Meet the Air Cruiser, your own personal hotel on wheels. When shut, it measures a paltry 55 inches long, 38 inches wide, and 10 inches thick, fitting on pretty much any vehicle with a crossbar attachment on the roof. Hit a button, however, and this mattress-shaped contraption autonomously opens up into a spacious 2-person camper tent with a high-density mattress below, sky windows above, and an impressive 57 inches of vertical headroom, so you can sit, lounge, or sleep in the Air Cruiser just as if it was your own personal cabin in the wilderness.

Designers: Cinch and Wildland

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Designed to be lightweight and with an incredibly compact form factor, the Air Cruiser fits nearly 99% of all cars. It mounts on the roof of your vehicle (or even the flatbed of your pickup, the top of your trailer, or RV) in less than 5 minutes, giving you your personal cabin on demand wherever you go. To deploy the cabin, all you need to do is unzip its outer cover, unfold the cabin’s base like a book, and lock the ladder in place.

Ready at the push of a button.

Record breaking cabin size.

Once that’s done, hit the Air Cruiser’s button and it self-inflates in minutes, going from flat-packed to your personal flat for two on the roof of your car. The tent is accessible via the ladder which gives you a single entry point inside. When opened, it sits at 83 inches long and 51 inches wide, comfortably accommodating two people inside. During the day, 360° panoramic windows on the sides as well as the top let you admire your surroundings, and at night, an integrated LED strip lets you light up your camper with a warm, cozy glow. If you want some privacy, the Air Cruiser also comes outfitted with blackout curtains for all its windows.

Four season performance.

The inflatable Air Cruiser boasts of a construction that’s as durable as it’s compact. The deceptively small size is also complemented by a fair bit of resilience in the form of well-chosen materials, rugged construction, and rigorous testing from experts. The tent’s outer shell comes crafted from 280G Ripstop Polycotton Canvas, capable of taking on heavy rainfall as well as G-force 7 winds. The outer shell thermoregulates the insides too, and is tested to withstand temperatures as high as 150°F or as low as -4°F. Dual-layer doors and windows keep water out, as do the YKK zippers, and a high-density mattress on a honeycomb base keeps you comfortable through all four seasons.

The Air Cruiser’s launch comes after four full years of rigorous testing for water, wind, salt, spray, vibration, acoustic noise, and crash resistance. The result is a unique combination of user-friendliness and user-safety, giving you a camper that’s made for anyone, any car, and for practically any situation. The tent comes with the mattress, telescopic ladder, boot holders (you obviously can’t wear shoes inside), and storage pockets included. The entire Air Cruiser weighs a mere 80 lbs for what it offers, and comes with a respectable 24-month warranty. Each Air Cruiser also ships with a carbon-negative footprint, giving you even more reason to enjoy and relish the outdoors in your new favorite cabin-on-wheels!

Click Here to Buy Now: $2199 $2999 ($800 off). Hurry, only 2/74 left! Raised over $240,000.