The Flitter Console Table has a splintering end that creates multiple little storage ‘pockets’

If you combine a coffee table and a side table, you probably still wouldn’t get a console table. Console tables are designed to be much taller than a coffee or side table, and roughly as tall as a regular table or a work desk. These tables fit snugly against a wall, or can be pushed against the back of a sofa, resulting in a ‘sofa table’. I find console tables quite fascinating because I can never quite figure out where to place them, but I’ve heard/seen that they’re excellent fits for entryways, corridors, hallways, or home offices.  And a pretty neat console table that would deem worthy for the corridor or entryway in your home is Flitter Console Table by Deniz Aktay.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with Aktay’s unique furniture designs, especially if you’ve spent remotely any time in the Instagram design world. I haven’t seen a lot of console tables from him, so this one piqued my interest quite a bit. What caught my eye was one end of the table, which at first glance seemed to be splintering off, but once I looked closer, I realized it was a well-thought-out and precisely planned splintering.

The Flitter console table is essentially a multi-layered plywood board that has been torn and segregated into multiple single sheets on one end (the well-thought-out and precisely planned splintering I was talking about). This, in turn, creates small storage sections, that can be used to store the little knickknacks and items you need for daily use.

The other end of the Flitter console table is much like any other table, so you can place your everyday objects on the tabletop. The little storage sections or ‘pockets’ on the other end feature varying widths, allowing you to store multiple items in different shapes and sizes. Besides creating an innovative and uber-functional storage option, the splintered or ripped-off edge provides the Flitter console table with some strong visual appeal and a rather striking and badass personality if I may say so. It is a thoughtful and minimal furniture design that provides maximum functionality while utilizing a minimum amount of material.