This Clamshell WFH Table Folds Into Your Wall To Save Apartment Space

Handcrafted by the fine folks at Friday Furniture, the Clamshell Desk offers a space-saving alternative to that bulky table you’ve got lurking around somewhere in your house. Designed with a foldable format that sits just 6.6 inches off your wall when closed, the Clamshell opens up into a wide, spacious desk that’s big enough for a monitor, peripherals, speakers, stationery, and some more. Moreover, it comes with an outward notch on the top with a built-in webcam, and the periphery of the Clamshell Desk has an integrated warm LED strip ring light that illuminates you and your space perfectly for video calls or late-nighters.

Designer: Friday Furniture

The Clamshell Desk’s beauty lies in how it marries aesthetics and function into a singular wall-mounted device. When closed, the Clamshell sits against your wall, occupying just 6.6 inches of extra space. When you need to get productive, open the desk out like an inverted laptop, and you’ve got yourself a fully detailed workstation complete with all your requirements. There’s space for stationery, a monitor, and even crawl-space behind the monitor to store your laptop. The vertical portion of the desk also has cork pinboards, that webcam we mentioned earlier, and USB ports on the front, along with a button to activate the LED strip.

In its open format, the desk’s large horizontal work surface is perfect for keeping all your gadgets, EDC, and other peripherals like your mouse, keyboard, etc. You’ve got enough space on the side for notebooks, a cup of coffee, or even your meal (let’s face it, sometimes we have to multitask), and the beauty lies in the fact that your large, sprawling workstation can easily fold up into the wall when you’re done, helping cut down on space, especially if you’ve got a tiny apartment!

The Clamshell Desk can be customized to suit your needs!

The LED light strip provides the perfect warm glow at night.

The Clamshell Desk comes with a birch plywood construction and has a monitor arm built right into its frame with an area sufficient for a 27″ monitor, along with a headphone hook for hanging your cans when they’re not in use. Optional upgrades include the cork pinboards, and the Logitech Brio 4K webcam that fits on top of the desk. The desk is designed to manage cables internally, keeping your workspace clutter-free, and those LEDs around the periphery are dimmable too, giving you a functional, foldable, and adjustable work setup that perfectly complements your decor and your requirements.