Santa meets Willy wonka in this 3D-Engraved Watch that is sure to be a hit this Christmas!

Technology mixed with design gives creators the chance to make anything possible. Through 3D-engraving, even the tiniest of products can be turned into entire worlds, which goes to show that the beauty of rendering in 3D is in the details. Andre Caputo recently took his personal taste and 3D-rendering skills and turned them into a fantastical watch that brings you to the North Pole and delivers you straight to the front steps of Santa’s Workshop.

His finished rendered timepiece is called Majestic and it certainly upholds its title. The watch is ladened with golden cogs and candy accents that instantly inspire visions of whimsical toymaker’s storefronts with snowy rooftops and chimneys billowing with smoke -think Willy Wonka meets watch-making! The watch’s interior depth is hypnotizing for its five-layered dial and latticed network of exposed sprockets and gears. The ultimate timepiece is as zany and flashy as it gets, but the best Christmas movies usually are and this watch brings you right back to the first time you watched your favorite. With all of the details that fill this digital canvas, the timepiece turns out to be relatively easy to read, thanks to the bold, golden hoops that enwrap each big, clunky hour-marker and the smaller hour-markers that dot in between. Just below the dome-shaped crystal, that encases the miniature world of toymaking, reads the days of the week, the specific date is indicated by a red circle that demarks the correct day of the month. Additionally, the candy cane bracelet wraps around your wrist with an armadillo-like cuff and big dials and knobs surround the watch face’s perimeter for easy adjustment of the hour, minute, or date.

Andre Caputo designed this rendering to merge personal taste with technological artwork. Each detail of this watch shimmers like toys from Santa’s factory and sends you right into the spirit of the winter season with brass pulleys and chains, micro Candyland-inspired bridges, and details fit for a fairytale galore.

The Majestic Watch is a Platinum Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2021.

Designer: Andre Caputo