Let’s See Some Rose Gold iPods!


Apple just wound up with WWDC 2016, and to be honest, I’m not really excited anymore. Personally, Apple seems to have lost its way, forgetting the one device that really changed the direction in which its company was going. The iPod (Nano) concept by Pawel Dworczyk seems to do two things. First off, it brings back Apple’s greatest invention ever, the iPod… secondly, it follows a progression that comes naturally to Apple. The New design for the Nano brings Apple’s signature iPhone color variants to the iPod. It also pushes the boundaries with its unbelievably tiny and slick design. Fitting everything into a 2 inch (diagonally) device, the new iPod Nano shakes things up, while keeping things comfortably Apple style. Plus, with the new Watch OS, wouldn’t it be amazing to see an redefined iPod OS tailor-made for a small screen??

Designer: Paweł Dworczyk