Top 5 unusual bicycle designs that completely challenge traditional wheel designs

I’m team bicycle through and through! They are the most eco-friendly means of transportation, and also really fun to ride. They create zero emissions and encourage people to ditch the fossil fuel consuming and pollution-causing automobiles. And not to mention, not only are they healthy for the environment but for us as well. They promote good health and ensure you get your daily dose of exercise done, without even hitting the gym. In an attempt to encourage and celebrate bicycles, we’ve curated a collection of unique and innovative bicycle designs that will cater to everyone’s diverse bicycle-riding needs. These bicycles are super unusual and completely out-of-the-box and we doubt you’ve seen such cycle designs. From bikes with square-shaped wheels to bikes with triangle-shaped wheels – these cycles will completely catch your attention!

1. Q’s Wheelless Bike

The US-based YouTuber The Q recently pulled all the stops with his bicycle that has NO wheels! Q’s bicycle doesn’t have wheels, but it features rotating elements that help it move forward. The bike has been amped with two sets of wheel belts that are mounted at absurd angles to produce extremely attention-gripping silhouettes. As a result, the Wheelless Bike works like a tank, with the rotating wheel belts driving you and the bike forward.

2. Gordieiev’s Bicycle with Square Wheels

Sergii Gordieiev designed a bicycle with square wheels! What is really interesting to note is that the wheels on the bicycle don’t actually roll, but instead, the rubber on the conveyor belt-like platform rotates as you hit your foot on the pedal! If you want accurate representation – imagine a war tank moving on its metal tracks without any wheels, only it’s a bicycle, and the wheels are square-shaped!

3. Infinity All-wheel Drive Bicycle

Stuttgart-based designer Stephan Henrich, this innovative and uniquely shaped bicycle is one of the most out-of-the-box automotive designs I’ve seen in a long time. The all-wheel cruiser moves forward with the help of a monotyre-clip chain system that forms a temporary rim in the wheel sections, as well as a dental belt drive in the interior groove. The monotyre is powered via the central wheel as the crank generates the force required to churn the wheels.

4. Gordieiev’s Bicycle with Triangle Wheels

Designed by Sergii Gordieiev, this innovative bicycle features triangle-shaped wheels! The ingenious bicycle riding on wheels with rollers moves in a linear manner, forming adjacent lines between each one of the rollers and the flat surface it’s riding on. This enables the triangle wheels to overcome their limitation and roll more comfortably than presumed.


Called IEDEX, this electric bike is amped with sufficient space to store camping essentials without creating any sort of visual disparity. The e-bike has been designed with ad-hoc space to store two luggage bags in the frame itself. The bicycle frame doesn’t adopt the usual triangular or connected shape for structural integrity but rather adopts a unibody design.