BMW ConnectedRide Smartglasses make bike riding safer with integrated HUD display

Smart head-up display to beam vital information in the peripheral view makes complete sense for motorists, ever more so for two-wheeler riders who are more at risk. With Apple indicating the smart glasses niche to be the future of how we all interact with our applications, the $3,500 Vision Pro headset is still beyond the reach of the general masses.

BMW Motorrad looks to have taken a leaf out of the Cupertino giant’s handbook as they’ve announced a pair of smart glasses for bike riders. Christened the ConnectedRide Smartglasses, the accessory displays all the real-time information in the field of view, ensuring the rider doesn’t take his/her eyes off the road.


  • Safer riding for motorcyclists
  • Projected HUD does not obstruct the view
  • Display elements can be adjusted
  • Look like normal sunglasses
  • Can be paired with prescription lenses
  • Operating temperature from 0° to 50° C


  • High price tag
  • Battery life could be better

Designer: BMW Motorrad

The augmented reality glasses pair with any smartphone to project the current speed, engaged gear, speed limit and navigation details in the integrated display. Everything right from the positioning of visual data to the detail of navigation elements can be toggled by the rider either on the app or if you have a modern BMW bike, this can be done with the multi-controller on the handlebar. According to BMW, the glasses are designed to fit several helmets and face shapes, making them highly practical and stylish accessories to own.

These smart glasses in Anthracite color come with two separate sets of certified UVA/UVB lenses – tinted and 1x 85 percent transparent ones. Those on prescription glasses can order the RX adapter too. The users get to choose from medium and large frame size option for the glasses.

On a single charge, the goggles provide HUD for ten hours before needing another recharge. In real-world settings, you would need the smart glasses only in unfamiliar territory for navigation and other aids. Otherwise, the battery should be good to get you through a day’s driving. Everything set aside, having a battery in smart glasses that look like any normal goggles is a feat on its own.

All the tech that is stuffed into these cool pair of glasses is bound to carry a premium value. Thus, the price tag of €690 for the European market isn’t startling. According to BMW Motorrad, the smart glasses will arrive in the US in the latter half of 2023. So, are you still rooting for the Apple Vision Pro or willing to get started on your AR journey with the BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide Smartglasses?