Built within single piece exoskeleton shell, ARB’s Earth Camper is designed for off-grid camping

In a world of countless camping trailers, finding one that truly withstands the test of tough terrains while providing comfort and versatility can be a challenge. Enter the Earth Camper by ARB that’s built for adventurers to embrace the nomadic life and off-road camping like never before.

Equipped with long-travel independent suspension and all-terrain tires, the Earth Camper is purpose-built to tackle any terrain. So, with the Earth Camper tagged behind your truck, there are no limitations and you can explore the unexplored and venture deeper in the wilderness.

Designer: Earth Camper

The gray gel-coated fiberglass-reinforced plastic shell of the Earth Camper, inside a one-piece exoskeleton shell, ensures durability and longevity, while 25 mm thick walls offer exceptional temperature and noise control. The camper is completely free from wood in construction, which means it can withstand diverse climates and provide a cozy sanctuary wherever you roam.

The Earth Campers features a clamshell back that folds down to reveal a raised hard floor. You have the option to erect a tent around the hard floor to create a fully sheltered space for relaxing, dining when you desire to extend your camping trip. When you are done eating off the dining table that extends out from beneath the queen-sized bed, you can hop on for a quick nap.

The interior has a nice 5-foot headroom, while on the outside the trailer camper has 120W roof-mounted solar panels. Power needs are also maintained by the 100Ah lithium battery, which can be extended further with optional portable solar panels.

For off-grid living without compromise, awnings and side curtains can be added to transform the Earth Camper into more than a living box. Whether you prefer quick overnight stays or an extended vacation in the outdoors, this camper adapts to your needs.

Cooking on the road has never been easier with the Earth Camper’s slide-out kitchen. Complete with a three-burner stove and sink, you can whip up delicious meals wherever your journey takes you. The Earth Camper ensures your comfort by featuring a toilet and shower enclosure inside an extendable tent on the opposite side of the kitchen setup. Owing to its functionality and convenience, Earth Camper is priced at $74,500 AUD and is available in Australia presently.