A Japanese Bamboo Forest Was The Design Inspiration For This Eclectic Floor Lamp

I love a beautifully-designed lighting fixture because I truly believe a really great one has the ability to illuminate a space – both literally, and metaphorically. Besides the physical light that it quite obviously emits, a well-designed lighting fixture can add manifolds of personality and charisma to a room. They can function as sculptural pieces, that are an extension of your personal taste and preference, truly exhibiting the richness and niche-ness of your curation capabilities. And, the Lightbone Floor Lamp is that kind of unique and tastefully designed lighting design that could truly lift up any living space!

Designer: FÄRG & BLANCHE for Oblure

Designed by FÄRG & BLANCHE for Oblure, the Lightbone Floor Lamp really does justice to its name. Inspired by a bamboo forest on a trip to Japan, the Lightbone Floor Lamp has a seriously intriguing focal feature – the connection point between the spherical glass globes and the wooden sections, which also gave birth to the name of the lamp. The Lightbone Floor Lamp was first showcased at the Milan Design Week 2017 as part of the “Armour Mon Amour” exhibition. Still in its conceptual phase, at that point in time, the lamp was three meters tall and made from textiles. However, as time passed, the design of the lamp grew and evolved resulting in the product that it is today.“ We are really happy that we were able to develop this version of the Lightbone together with Oblure,” said the designers, Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche. “This time in solid Oak and all made in Sweden.”

The visually appealing floor lamp would be an added bonus to your living room. It could artfully slide up next to your sofa, or in a cluster of various Lightbone Floor Lamps placed together to create a miniature and imitation Japanese bamboo forest. Multiple floor lamps could also be utilized to segregate and divide places in hospitality projects.

The subtly-designed floor lamp is available in natural oak with a black stain, smoked oak, and cobalt blue. You can also ask for custom color options, to create a lamp or group of lamps that perfectly match the interior decor style of your home.