The Suisei Kiridashi EDC is a practical blend of compactness and comfort

If you’ve ever tried using a tiny pencil that’s a few sharpener-turns short of disappearing completely, you know that maneuvering and gripping small objects can often be problematic. Digging your fingernails into Swiss Army Knives to get those tiny nail-clippers out, or using a really small bottle opener. They all present their own dexterity-related issues, which should support what I’m about to say next. Size forms a very critical part of an EDC’s design. Too small, and you have trouble using it… but too big and you can’t carry it around with you. Size forms a very critical part of an EDC’s design… and the Suisei gets it right.

The Kiridashi knife (although with a Tanto-style blade) comes in a handy 4.3 inch-long form factor. The blade, which occupies just 1.7 inches, comes with a beveled edge that gives it a definitive point, making it great for using as a piercing tool, a cutting tool, as well as a scalpel, thanks to that tilted blade. The handle, although measuring just 2.6 inches, is comfortable to hold, given its design. It allows you to slide your index finger right in, increasing dexterity and maneuverability by securing the knife in place, so you’re never worried about losing your grip. The knife comes made out of D2 steel, and even has its own leather sheath to help you carry it around. Compact, check. Comfortable, check.

Designer: Vasverblades