Furniture meets robotics in this future vision where your helpers are cute, multifunctional designs

We all yearn for a helping hand around the house, and now, imagine having a robot that personifies daily objects and furniture, providing assistance tailored to their unique characteristics. With their warm personalities and unique appearances, these robots aim to overcome the barriers of fear and unfamiliarity and transform our homes into more convenient and enjoyable spaces. ushering in a new era of integrated living. It is almost like living in the next movie of Toy Story!

Designer: Hyungwoo Lee  (Samsung Design Membership)

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The project originated from a simple curiosity about why robots, capable of assisting humans in their daily lives, have not yet become commonplace in residential areas, despite the remarkable progress of industrial robots. Research revealed that 86% of people still perceive robots as “cold, hard machines” that solely perform predefined tasks, hindering their acceptance as new members of our households. Which I personally relate to. If I had to get a full-blown conventional humanoid at home, it would feel like getting another unknown person at home for whom empathy and privacy are foreign.

To bridge this gap, Bopeep focuses on eliminating human fear of robots. They know that if we want to bring the amazing convenience and usefulness of robots into our homes, we’ve got to get over our robot phobia. That’s why Bopeep takes a different approach. Instead of just talking about how necessary and beneficial robots are, they’re all about creating a friendly and lovable image that melts our hearts.

Introducing the Coexisting Robots:


The Strongest Robot: Designed in the form of a stool, STEP is capable of moving heavy objects and performing strenuous tasks in our daily lives. With its sturdy four legs, STEP provides a robust solution while seamlessly blending into the environment. The position detection camera, cleverly hidden underneath, eliminates any visual discord, ensuring a comfortable coexistence.


The Gentle and Courteous Robot: Taking the shape of a side table, MINGLE showcases the gentlest and most thoughtful personality among Bopeep’s robots. Its flexible judgment of situations enables witty serving in everyday spaces, enhancing convenience and enjoyment in our daily lives.


The Responsible Cleaner: Born as a wastebasket, TIDY serves as both a robot vacuum cleaner and a wastebasket. With its clean personality, TIDY ensures overall hygiene in the house. When users have something to dispose of, TIDY silently approaches with its mouth open, efficiently and quietly performing its duties.


The Intelligent Mapping Robot: CHEER is the most intelligent mapping robot in the Bopeep series. It creates real-time maps of the house, providing spatial information to other robots while issuing commands. By connecting Bopeep’s other robots to the SmartThings Hub through CHEER, precise movement without expensive LiDAR sensors becomes achievable, significantly assisting in the integration of robots into households.

Bopeep’s robots are carefully designed to overcome the obstacles of their “overbearing presence”. For robots to seamlessly blend into our daily lives, they should not draw excessive attention to themselves or their existence. These robots have a very humble approach to tasks which fosters a smooth integration into our daily lives.

Furthermore, Bopeep’s robots bring vitality to human life through appropriate judgments in various situations. Unlike traditional robots that rigidly adhere to their predetermined purposes, Bopeep’s coexisting robots engage in small, human-like actions that resemble behavior, fostering a more natural interaction and integration into our lives. For instance, outside the bathroom, Bopeep may close its “eyes” to respect privacy, while its actual “eyes” are located underneath, eliminating any concerns.

Bopeep becomes a mediator for communication, encouraging positive conversations and new relationships between people. By providing a magical experience where objects come to life, Bopeep adds excitement and fun to daily tasks, fostering affectionate and intimate relationships between humans and robots.

Bopeep revolutionizes the concept of coexistence between humans and robots by introducing coexisting robots that eliminate fear, embrace warm personalities, and seamlessly integrate into our homes. With their unique appearances and practical functionalities, these robots serve as a stepping stone toward a future where humans and robots live together harmoniously. Let us embrace this integrated world, where robots become trusted companions, adding convenience, joy, and warmth to our daily lives.