Bauhutte Streamers Chair is tailored for content creators who live their online personas

Those who are passionate about gaming are adopting it as a profession for life, and the options in this niche industry are evolving into plenty. Another good choice that has branched out from the professional gaming arena is game streaming and many worldwide are liking the prospect of it.

Observing this trend, Bauhutte has designed the Streamers Chair G-210 built tailored for professional streamers as well as gamers who are glued to their chair all day long. The Japanese gaming furniture brand keeps coming up with out-of-the-box chairs, sofas, beds and accessories especially suited for geeks, and this chair for streaming countless hours of non-stop action is no different.

Designer: Bauhutte

How your streaming setup looks is one of the key factors in amassing subscribers, and Bauhutte addresses this with a major change to the backrest design on their latest one. It is fan-shaped for a broader backdrop of the chair, thereby serving as a background to highlight the face. The idea is to have a bigger circular-shaped backrest surrounding the face, so that it visually appears small on screen. Another thing that sets it apart from any other ergonomic chair out there is the thick seat cushion to support the body frame.

The spacious seating area is wide enough to sit with legs up and the removable cushion can be adjusted for depth of the seat or cleaning the accumulated dust. There’s an extra headrest on the wide fin that can be removed if needed. That wide body frame for lumbar support assists in the correct sitting posture and supports the waist correctly. The polyester fabric boasts excellent breathability and has a smooth texture for sitting in cozy comfort for long hours.

Like any other gaming or office chair, the Bauhutte Streamers Chair gets seat and armrest height adjustment settings for the most ergonomic setup. The backrest recline angle of up to 150 degrees ensures you have the freedom for a relaxing posture. There’s an on/off locking function that allows the user to use it as a tilted cradle.

Bauhutte Streamers Chair G-210 for now is only going to be available in Japan for a price tag of ¥45,432 (approximately $315) in two color options – black or white. Whether the chair is going to be available in other parts of the world is still unknown, but still, streamers will have their eyes set on this one.