This SEGA handheld gaming console doubles as pocketable digital calendar

Handheld gaming propped up in the form of Merlin console with interchangeable cartridges way back in 1978. The trend for handheld gaming consoles was later sparked by Nintendo Game Boy in 1989. Then SEGA jumped into the bandwagon with Game Gear, its first ever handheld in 1990 and followed it up with the Genesis Nomad released in 1995.

Almost a decade later Sony changed the dynamics of handheld gaming with the highly popular PSP in 2004. Fast forward back to the current era and ultra-powerful handheld gaming consoles like Steam Deck, Asus ROG Ally and Nintendo Switch bring high-octane action to the small screen.

Designer: WooJin Shin, Nahyun Kwon, JiHoon Park and Seungmin Hong

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The portable freedom to gaming can consume hours without you ever noticing and lead to procrastination. This can push you into missing important calendar notifications. To keep you abreast of all the latest notifications without missing out on the fun gaming sessions in retro style, a team of designers has penned this SEGA handheld that revives old memories of pixelated arcade gaming. Called the SEGA-DBS, this pocketable gaming gadget doubles as a calendar to get rid of your constant smartphone addiction.

By adding the fun element of retro arcades to change the way we all perceive the boring calendar notifications, the concept intends to freshen up things. It’s like your minimalist organizer with the option to play the odd Sonic dash run. Don’t expect high-end gaming on this handheld though, and only three titles will be pre-loaded into the gadget. Remember, we are talking about decluttering stuff and keeping things simple, so this makes complete sense!