This Japanese rack attaches to your bed, putting your clothes in easy reach for couch potatoes

All that the gamers are left to do is, get up to take a dump; for everything else, Bauhutte has all the bases covered. After giving gamers a reason to laze around doing nothing with the Electric Gaming Bed, the Japanese company is now making sure you can have your wardrobe around the bed. That’s like a miraculous intervention, not just for the gaming side of things, but for everyday office/school goers, who can get back home and drape their wear on the hangers retrofitted to the bed.

The interesting concept brought to light is the Bed Hanger Rack, which as the name suggests, is an extension of the open cupboard concept. It attaches to the bed and offers space to hang clothes and racks to stuff smartphones, remotes, game consoles, and other accessories you’d want handy while in bed.

Designer: Bauhutte

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In addition to the hanging storage and shelving extensions, the hanger rack gets slightly more interesting with its assembly: possible to match the layout of your room. The rack can be installed alongside the shorter front or the longer side of the bed; so that it can attach without having to change the placement of the existing bed. The effective usage of the space above the bed permits you to effortlessly store everyday wear on hangers around the bed; so you skip the trouble of folding and sorting the clothes in a regular cupboard.

For someone like me, this option to keep the room neat and tidy without having clothes lying everywhere works as a miracle. It would definitely make the whole process of clothes management efficient and convenient. My chairs and couches can breathe in some fresh air!

Provided with an adjuster to install the rack horizontally, if you may; the rack can be assembled in two ways. You can assemble it on three legs to manage up to 5kg payload, or choose to add in the fourth leg to bear up to 8kgs of clothes weight. The Bed Hanger Rack from Bauhutte can even adjust its height to suit the size of the bed, the length to accommodate your need, and the height at which you want to hang your clothes. Fascinating!