This head-turning speaker is a piece of tech art that pays tribute to space exploration

The popularity of wireless speakers has made them a staple in many homes, and that, in turn, has shaped the way these products are being designed. To match many interior motifs, the majority of wireless speakers take on more minimalist and low-key aesthetics that make them blend with their surroundings. Unfortunately, that has also made many of these everyday items less memorable and distinctive, as if they’ve been stripped of any sense of identity. That’s an almost ironic situation for a device that is supposed to inject life and vibrancy into living spaces. Daring to go against the tides, this one-of-a-kind speaker is designed to make its presence not only heard but also seen, taking inspiration from mankind’s own daring ambitions to break free of the Earth’s gravity and reach for the stars.

Designer: Ken Chen

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If you look at most wireless speakers today, they most often come wrapped in very minimalist designs and shapes. Some, such as those coming from luxury brands, do exude a sense of luxury through their materials, but the majority of these audio accessories might come off as almost bland and too identical to each other. While there’s definitely nothing wrong with minimalism, there seems to be a misconception that it’s the be-all and end-all of design, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. The Nebula tech art speaker is a glowing example of that, bringing character to the speaker in order to bring your music to life in ways you will never forget.

Inspired by NASA.

Right off the bat, the Nebula speaker looks like no ordinary speaker. Its transparent, cubiform shell and circular windows are almost similar to the bulky helmets used in the earliest ages of deep sea diving or, for a more contemporary image, astronaut helmets. This isn’t by accident, because the Nebula, as its name might suggest, is heavily inspired by the pioneering spirit of mankind’s space programs, like the Apollo missions, the Hubble Telescope, or the more recent Mars landings. Even the specific hue of orange used, namely “International Orange,” was chosen for its connection to space agencies and their use in the spacesuits of old.

Beyond its already uncommon shape, the Nebula wireless speaker boasts a unique feature that truly makes the device feel “space-age.” Instead of a typical digital visualizer, it uses a special Ferrofluid substance that dances to the beat of the music using the electromagnetic field naturally generated by the speaker. This SoundForm technology transforms the Nebula from a powerful speaker into a stunning audiovisual experience that will make you the life of the party and the talk of the town.

The Nebula isn’t just about looks either. Four high-fidelity speakers grouped into two separate chambers, each with its own passive radiator, creates thunderous beats, impressive volume, and palpable vibrations that kick the party’s music up a notch. And if one isn’t enough, you can pair two Nebula speakers wirelessly to create a truly wireless stereo (TWS) experience. Despite all that power, the speaker is super-easy to use with a touch-based control panel on top and support for Bluetooth audio sources, including both iOS and Android devices. Want to really be bold and daring? Simply unscrew the clear detachable JoyShell and flaunt the speakers’ inner beauty for all to see.

Wireless speakers might be very common these days, but that doesn’t mean their designs need to be as well. Taking a page from history’s most daring adventures, the Nebula Tech Art speaker not only delivers excellent audio quality but also creates a striking and memorable visual experience, both through its design as well as its SoundForm ferrofluid visualization. Escape the gravity of monotony with this exciting tech art speaker and bring back the sense of adventure to your life.

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