Traveling soon? This modular 40L travel backpack has individual storage solutions for every single item

It isn’t often that you see a backpack that has its own built-in laundry bag, or a backpack with dedicated, separate storage for your shoes as well as your laptop and charger, but the Tripper backpack isn’t the kind of backpack you see too often. After a two year hiatus, the world is slowly opening up to full-scale traveling again and the Tripper wants you to be as prepared as you can be.

Designers: Walden Wolf, Ronnie Lau & Rolphe Fu

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Going above and beyond your average backpack design, the Tripper (as its name suggests) prepares you for extensive trips, whether they’re leisure trips, staycations, business excursions, holidays, or just impromptu getaways. The backpack’s 40-liter capacity provides about as much storage as you’d get from a duffle, although where it outperforms your duffle is in its sheer attention to detail and conscientious modularity. Sounds hyperbolic? Well, I assure you it isn’t.

One Bag for All – Equipped with four powerful modular packing tools, 25 pockets and more than 15 unique features.

The Tripper comes with dedicated storage for possibly any travel-carry you could conceive of. It has a large storage space for your clothes, accessible via a 180° opening flap and complete with harness straps on the inside that secure your clothes, preventing them from getting crushed. It even has its own removable IPX8 waterproof laundry bag inside, so your worn, soiled clothes can sit in a separate bag, away from your clean ones.

40L Capacity & 180 Degree Shell Opening – The zipper on the top opens directly 180 degrees, providing a large opening through which you can easily reach all your gear.

The Tripper also comes with its bespoke toiletries bag made from soft plastic, allowing it to be waterproof too so your shampoos and moisturizers won’t even think of leaking all over your clothes and tech.

Speaking of tech, the Tripper also arms you with a laptop sleeve that fits your laptop, tablet, and phone, securing your gadgets with a Fidlock locking system. Wondering where to stash your chargers? There are mesh pouches for all of them, with the ability to even stash a power bank on the inside and connect it to your phone using a USB port built into the backpack’s design… and that’s just the storage solutions on the inside of the Tripper bag.

On the outside, the Tripper comes with its own separately located ventilated shoe-bag in the base of the backpack, lined with an antibacterial fabric. The backpack is also equipped with quick-access RFID-blocking pouches for things like your wallet and passport, and even though the Tripper is built with a hydrophobic water-repelling fabric and waterproof YKK zippers, each bag also comes with its own rain cover that further shields it from the elements.

The elements, however, aren’t the only thing travelers and tourists worry about and Tripper is well aware of that too. While the RFID-blocking pouch gives you a certain degree of security, the Tripper also comes with its own anti-theft system in the form of a detaching shoulder strap that can then be wrapped around a secure object and locked in place, preventing anyone from picking up and taking off with your bag.

The Tripper Bag is also equipped with Okoban, a global lost-and-found database that allows other people to notify you if they find your lost bag… although I’d recommend just chucking an AirTag into the backpack for good measure.

Built-in Raincover – Pull out the backpack rain covers and happily protect your backpacks.

IPX8 Waterproof Laundry Bag – This bag is a great place to put wet or dirty items.

All in all, Tripper’s design does a pretty fine job of carefully considering all your travel needs and factoring them into the bag’s design. In a rush? The bag is equipped with a chest strap that takes the pressure off your shoulders, or alternatively, you can even hook both the shoulder straps together and turn them into a single strap, allowing you to carry your Tripper like a duffle bag.

Moreover, each Tripper also includes a small cross-shoulder sling bag for storing small items like your phone, spectacles, wallet, AirPods, etc. The sling bag can even be used independently on most days when you’re stepping out of the house to meet friends or run errands. Designed not just for all weathers but also for overall durability, each Tripper is manufactured to the highest standards with industry-leading YKK zippers and also a scratch-resistant fabric that can take everything life throws at you. The Tripper backpack starts at $99 for just the backpack itself without any of the trims. However, for just $20 more, you can grab the entire bundle which includes the backpack, laptop sleeve, sling bag, toiletries bag, and waterproof laundry bag.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $229 (56% off). Hurry, only 7/830 left! Raised over $190,000.