What if your soundbar speaker was also a massive power station that could charge your laptop and phone?

The ZUHO is a powerful speaker, but not powerful in the way you’d think. Sure, it’s a pretty capable audio device with a punchy 30W output and dual 10W subwoofers giving you a frequency range of 40Hz to 20kHz, but look behind the audio drivers and you’ll notice four 220V AC outlets, two 65W USB-C port, a 30W USB-A port, and a 10W wireless charging dock. The ZUHO isn’t just a soundbar, it’s a power station that becomes the hub of your workspace, managing power supply to all your surrounding gadgets… and if that wasn’t enough, the ZUHO also has a built-in anion (ionizer) air purifier that disinfects the air around it. Talk about being an overachiever!

Designer: ZUHO Design

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ZUHO’s features can be broadly split into its three basic functions – hi-fi audio, power station, and air purifier, all of which one could argue ZUHO does pretty well. At 14 and a half inches wide, 4 inches tall, and 5 inches deep, the ZUHO is a sizeable contraption, designed to be placed on your tabletop right beside your laptop or underneath your monitor. It weighs a staggering 11 lbs, but I couldn’t really fault it because the ZUHO isn’t just an empty cabinet with audio drivers. It’s got so much more happening behind the surface. It even has an angle-adjustable wireless charging surface on the top for your phone, giving major iPod docking station energy.

Endless Music Enjoyment – With its extremely wide frequency range of 40Hz to 20kHz and output channel 2.0, ZUHO is able to recreate sounds accurately to the tiniest detail.

High-fidelity Audio – ZUHO has a high-fidelity sound quality, a flexible diaphragm and that automatically balances the sound effect. The sound quality allows you to immerse yourself in live concerts.

On the audio front, the ZUHO packs an absolute punch. The speaker is outfitted with two 15W horns and two 10W subwoofers, which, coupled with the rectangular design of the device, deliver high-fidelity, minimal-distortion audio in stereo. Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect any wireless device to the ZUHO, although it’s missing a 3,5mm audio input for your laptop or desktop. Controls on top of the ZUHO let you toggle playback and volume, or even switch on/off the anion air purifier.

Charge 6-8 Devices at the Same Time – Comes with 4 unit outlets, wireless charge pad, and fast charging.

Each plug contains 220v, which means it can supply small gadgets’ power demands.

10w foldable wireless charging pad on the top center of ZUHO. You can use the foldable pad to place your phone while watching youtube.

Charge 3 devices simultaneously using ZUHO’s convenient 65w USB-C and 30w USB-A output ports.

ZUHO’s biggest differentiator is its ability to serve as a hub for all your gadgets. Acting as a power station/power strip, ZUHO comes with four 220V outlets on the rear, allowing you to plug all your chargers and power cables directly into the speaker instead of looking for multiple power sockets in the wall. ZUHO consolidates all your power requirements into one device, keeping your desk organized and clutter-free. The four AC outlets are supplemented by a 30W USB-A port, two 65W USB-C ports for your smaller gadgets like your tablet, power bank, earbuds, smartwatch, Nintendo Switch, etc., and finally a fold-out 10W wireless charging pad on top that lets you keep your phone either horizontally or at an angle. With such power also comes the responsibility of ensuring all your gadgets stay safe. To that end, the ZUHO comes with built-in power management protocols to protect itself and your gadgets against overcharging, overheating, surging, and short-circuiting.

Enjoy 100% of ZUHO’s Fresh Air – Touch Anion function on the touch panel to let the air purifier work. It helps you purify the air in a 50 meter range.

If all that wasn’t enough, the ZUHO also has a built-in air purifier that uses ionizing technology to sanitize the air around you. The anion purifier uses high currents to ionize air molecules which instantly kill airborne bacteria and viruses, giving you air that’s inherently germ-free. A simple button on the top of the ZUHO’s control panel lets you activate this feature, while the purifier works to cleanse the air within a 50 meter range.

With its uniquely multipurpose design, the ZUHO appeals to a wide variety of people. Whether you’re looking for a hi-fi speaker setup, or just a way to keep your gadgets powered without that knotted mess of cables hanging around your legs, the ZUHO ticks multiple boxes. Super early bird backers can grab their own ZUHO starting at a discounted €287 ($315 USD), with options for US, EUR, AU, and GB-style plug options.

Click Here to Buy Now: $315 $435 ($120 off). Hurry, for a limited time only!