This sensible foldable phone with minimalist + clock mode is digital detox done right

Smartphone as a smart digital tool has changed the complexion of human lives in the last decade or so. Unfortunately, for most of us, the pocketable gadget now rules our lives more than ever, sucking us into the lucrative world of entertaining content, social media and constant information overload. A gadget that initially made us smarter than the average Joe, is now becoming the cause of anxiety and sleep deprivation, thus affecting our lifestyle more than ever.

To counter this, there are countless apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play, to curb screen time. For those who can’t resist the restrictions and break them more often, a full-proof option comes in the form of a minimalist smartphone that has the bare minimum a phone actually needs to have. Yes, I’m talking of the Wisephone and Light Phone II that give you no option to cheat around your own rules. Even better, giving the minimalist phone a good bump in aesthetics, feel and functional practicality is this 0/1 minimal foldable phone.

Designer: Andrea Mangone

Still in the concept phase, the phone is a hybrid of a normal smartphone and a no-nonsense device that lets you take a break from the lure of mindlessly scrolling through app feeds or playing games. This makes complete sense as people who have used minimalist phones eventually had to switch back to normal phones as some apps are required professionally or even during the normal course of life.

0/1 phone offers the best of both worlds, giving the user flexibility to switch between the two modes. Open up the device to reveal a flexible display with 1080×2640 resolution to enjoy social media, multimedia content and video games. As soon as you feel the need to go minimalist, close down the screen for a distraction-free interface. The e-ink display on the outside now becomes your main screen, showing only the most important stuff that doesn’t suck you into mindless scrolling. The interface can be customized with stylish analog or digital clocks, music player, calendar, or other simple apps.

If you want to go a step further, place the 01 phone in a vertical position (just like a bedside clock) when folded down. This activates the zen-like mode with no distracting notifications, and the thick form factor makes it feel like another desk gadget. Only calls, event reminders and a clock mode are active, thereby, converting your smartphone into a smart clock of sorts.

Coming onto the design, the phone gets an upbeat mix of materials and finishes inspired by “home décor, fashion and lifestyle accessories.” The body is crafted out of aluminum and the biopolymer coating lends it a warm, natural feel. The back panel gets a layer of rubberized vegan leather for a secure grip and the colorful hues of the nylon weaved tag integrated into the SIM card tray provide a visual contrast.